Jeonbuk, which has lost its scoring ability and lost its victory, has slowed down again

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which seemed to be on the rise after the new coach took office, began to falter again. The plan to welcome the A-match break in a good mood also ended in failure. Considering that the Asian Champions League (ACL) schedule will begin in earnest after the break, it seems that solid preparations are needed once again during the break.

Jeonbuk tied Jeju United 0-0 without scoring in the first and second half of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 29th round at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 3rd. Jeonbuk, which had 43 points, failed to move up from fifth place. 스포츠토토

Jeonbuk lost the match against Gwangju FC, its first game since Dan Petrescu took office in June. However, starting with overpowering Gwangju, who met again at the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, he finally seemed to be on track with five wins (1 draw and 1 loss) in seven official matches.

But this uptrend has since disappeared like a lie. Starting with the Suwon Samsung match (1-1 draw) on August 12, he has been in a severe slump with three draws and one loss in the last four games. It was once enough to aim for second place, but now it’s practically difficult.

Petrescu said he would play aggressive soccer since he took office. However, if he removes the points he earned and focuses only on the game, it is questionable whether it has worked. Jeonbuk has never scored more than two goals in 11 league games since Petrescu took office. The quarterfinals of the FA Cup against Gwangju FC, which was the only one to score four goals, were also largely due to Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo’s rotation ahead of the weekend match against Ulsan Hyundai.

Despite the recent slowdown, Jeonbuk’s defense, which boasts the least number of goals (25 goals) in the league, is strong. In the end, the attack must work properly for Jeonbuk to survive. The team’s 34 goals are ranked seventh in the league. The ranking is not like Jeonbuk.

As Cho Kyu-sung (Mitwillan) enters the European stage, Jeonbuk is leaving the vacancy to Hafa Silva, Gustavo, and Park Jae-yong. However, they are not playing their role by evaluating them calmly. Jeonbuk players who have scored in the last four games are side resources such as Song Min-kyu and Han Kyo-won. The fact that Moon Sun-min and Song Min-kyu, who scored six goals each in the team, shows how weak Jeonbuk’s front line is this season. Considering that Cho Kyu-sung was likely to transfer within this year, he should have made a clear preparation for it, but Jeonbuk’s only countermeasure was to bring Park Jae-yong, who played in the K League 2.

All of these responsibilities cannot be passed on to Petrescu, who took over during the season. However, Jeonbuk also has no time from now on. Jeonbuk will start its ACL schedule in earnest with the match against Kitchee FC (Hong Kong) on September 20. Jeonbuk will also be tested in earnest when a tight schedule that requires both the league and ACL begins. Although it has become virtually difficult to win the league, the FA Cup and ACL are competitions that Jeonbuk cannot treat with pride. Jeonbuk’s worries are getting deeper.

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