Jeju Nam Ki-il “Isn’t it heaven’s will?”

Jeju will face Suwon Samsung in the 27th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Suwon was undefeated in July, but the flow was cut off due to the Suwon Derby defeat against Suwon FC shortly after the break. Fortunately, he had a chance to rebound again with a 1-1 draw in the previous round of Jeonbuk Hyundai’s away game. However, Suwon’s ranking fell back to 12th place (4 wins, 7 draws, 15 losses, 19 points) as Gangwon, a rival team in the relegation zone, took the lead in the previous round. 바카라사이트

Jeju is rather opposite to Suwon. Before the break, he fell into a swamp of nine games without wins (3 draws and 6 losses) in June and July for two months. The ranking also fell to the bottom. After the break, Jeju rebounded with one win and one draw, securing four points. The ranking was 9th before the break, but it rose to 8th place (9 wins, 7 draws, 10 losses, 34 points). The gap with Daejeon (36 points) in sixth place is only two points.

Coach Nam Ki-il met with reporters before the game and said, “I think I won after a long time because I did very well in terms of offense and defense in the last game,” adding, “To continue the atmosphere, I thought about what my opponent is good at today and prepared for us.”

“Basically, the opponent is playing a lot with a lot of numbers on the midfield side, and he is taking the form of an attack with fast players on both sides.” It is important not to do such things well. We’re still doing well, but we’re making up for the shortcomings. “We also prepared to do well what we prepared strategically according to the opponent,” he said.

Regarding foreign strikers Hayes and Yuri Jonatan’s departure from the bench, he said, “It’s an away game and we’re preparing for the recent games through rotation in a tight schedule. It would be nice if the players played all 90 minutes, but they are also worried about injuries. “The weather is hot, so I’m preparing for rotation little by little,” he said.

Jeju was scheduled to play the Hana One Q FA Cup semifinals against the Pohang Steelers on the 9th before winning the Suwon FC match. However, in the aftermath of the sixth typhoon Kanun’s northward movement, the game was postponed an hour and a half before the start of the game, taking an unintended break. When the FA Cup postponement seemed to have been a blessing in disguise, coach Nam smiled softly, saying, “Isn’t it heaven’s will?”

“What we can do is do our best to prepare and be postponed because of the weather and for many reasons, it is not something we can do. “We are always accepting and preparing for those points,” he explained.

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