Japanese High School Baseball Team’s Teaching of “Atonement for Korea” Impressed Ichiro

In a way, it is. A retired baseball player tries his best against high school girls. He seems to be doing his best than when he was active. As a result, he won a shutout. He had five hits in nine innings and struck out nine. He threw as many as 116 and shot a maximum speed of 138 kilometers. (22nd, Tokyo Dome, Japan)

It’s not the first time. It’s already been an annual event for three years. In the first year (2021) he allowed no runs in nine innings and one run in nine innings the following year. There is no replacement. They all threw to the end. This means that he has won three consecutive games. He had to throw 147 and 131 pitches, respectively. It is a journey of living legend Ichiro Suzuki, who recently turned 50 years old.

If you take off your hat, you’ll see your half-white hair. At first glance, it is difficult to understand why they are playing this game against high school girls. Modifiers such as “wrist twisting” and “ruthlessness” also appear. Borrowed Tokyo Dome and broadcast live on airwaves across the country.

Why on earth is he doing this. What’s the point. To show off one’s strength? For the boom in women’s baseball?

You have to look a little far to get an answer to this question. We should start with a story that may be out of the blue. 안전놀이터

It’s already been 14 years. It was spring 2009. A small welcome dinner was held at Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The guest in a black suit looks emotional. But it’s a little strange. It’s not a healthy appearance. I’m in a wheelchair. It is also equipped with an oxygen respirator.

“Until a few days ago, I thought I had to go to Korea even though I had been wandering around with pneumonia. It’s because this is a time that I’ve dreamed of for 35 years. I’m so happy to be able to come back to Korea and come back to my health.”

His name is Teruki Fujita. He is the chairman of a foundation that runs several schools in Japan’s Kansai region. He continues his story with a short breath.

“When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, my teacher first taught me about Korea. He told me that it is the origin of our Japan and that it is a great country like my brother. If it wasn’t for that teacher, I wouldn’t have known the right history. I think it is the role of educators to teach students so that Japan does not make the same mistakes.”

Chiben (智辯) Academy. It is a private school foundation that he founded in 1964. It operates eight elementary, middle and high schools in regions such as Wakayama and Nara. High school students here come to Korea every year for school trips. It has been going on since 1975.

There were many twists and turns. When Korea-Japan relations suffered a serious conflict, when the sense of crisis heightened due to North Korea’s missile launch…. There was a flurry of opposition from parents. Still, I persuaded him, persuaded him, and forced him. It didn’t stop for 45 years until the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 20,000 Japanese high school students went to Seoul and Gyeongju.

“To atone for 35 years of Japanese colonial rule in Korea, to teach that the origin of Japanese culture is Silla and Baekje.” The chairman’s will remained unchanged. Even after his death, his son (Kiyoshi Fujita), who took office as the second chairman, supported his father’s maintenance.

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