Its LG Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop Bench Clearing

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop “Bench clearing… the players waited for a long time.”

He seemed uncomfortable with Lotte Hwang Seong-bin’s unsportsmanlike play the previous day.

Regarding bench clearing with the Lotte Giants, Yeom Kyung-yeop, manager of the professional baseball LG Twins, explained that Lotte outfielder Hwang Seong-bin’s play seemed to stimulate the players.

When asked about the situation that occurred the day before the 2024 professional baseball visiting game against SSG Landers held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 19th. 바카라사이트

Voach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “After Hwang Seong-bin hit a foul (out of the foul line) completely, he went far (beyond first base).

“We went and came back slowly,” he said.

“Our players waited for a long time.”

Seongbin Hwang made two plays that stimulated LG starter Casey Kelly in the top of the third inning of the LG game held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul the previous day.

In the second strike, Kelly’s ball flew near Hwang Seong-bin’s feet and when it became a ball, Hwang moved forward and bent her body.

He then sprinted to first base after hitting a foul on the third base side, and when the foul was called, he slowly walked to the plate.

It was a situation where a pitcher could lose pace.

Kelly protested to Hwang Seong-bin after the top of the third inning, and players from both teams came out to the ground and cleared the bench.

This is not the first time that Hwang Seong-bin provoked an opponent with unnecessary actions.

After getting on base in the top of the 5th inning in a visiting game against the KIA Tigers on the 26th of last month, he looked at starting pitcher Yang Hyun-jong from first base and made non-stop movements as if he was running to second base.

It was a gesture of making a big gesture without actually running, and it seemed like a provocation to Yang Hyun-jong.

Hwang Seong-bin’s excessive unsportsmanlike play is causing criticism even within the team.

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