“It’s at least 260 billion won, but we’re anxious because we can’t catch each other.” MVP for 3 consecutive years, how much will he be paid to enter ML

The ace pitcher of the Orix Buffaloes won the Sawamura Award and the league MVP award for the third consecutive year. He is truly the best pitcher in the Japanese pro baseball. Despite his small physique, he is the first Japanese player to win five consecutive awards, and four gold medals for three consecutive years. 스포츠토토

He is a fastball with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers, sharp control of the ball, and diverse pitching. He is a perfect pitcher. During the seven seasons of Japanese pro baseball, he posted an unbelievable 70-29 record, one save and an ERA of 1.92. Even considering that he is a pitcher in the Japanese league, Yoshinobu is the closest pitcher to completion.

He entered the Major League through the posting system with the consent of the Orix club. A significant number of clubs are interested in recruiting Yamamoto. There are more than one team that is active enough to make the expression “fight to scramble” more appropriate.

The “Empire of Evil,” the New York Yankees, the “Regional Rival,” the New York Mets, and the San Francisco Giants, which failed to recruit Aaron Judge last year, have declared Yamamoto “all-in.” The U.S. MLB Network reported on the 29th (Korea time) that Shohei Ohtani or Yamamoto is the top priority for San Francisco. “I will definitely catch one of the two.”

On the same day, the New York Post reported, “Both the Mets and the Yankees jumped into the race to recruit Yamamoto. The Mets still have plans to make aggressive investments on their backs, and the Yankees desperately want to reinforce their starting lineup.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers, another “big market,” is also determined to catch Yamamoto somehow. Major League Baseball’s most popular clubs and large clubs that can push for large contracts are leading the race to recruit Yamamoto.

The U.S. media expects Yamamoto’s total contract to be at least $200 million. It depends on the type of contract Yamamoto prefers, but it can be a form of guaranteeing a long-term contract, or a form of putting in the options the player wants in a large guaranteed salary and instead a relatively short period of time. Some said Yamamoto prefers a team with at least one Japanese player to adjust to the Major League, but Yamamoto’s agent dismissed it as “groundless.”

Yamamoto plans to select the first candidate among the teams that sent the love call after consulting with his agent, and fly to the U.S. soon to the negotiating table. It is a face-to-face negotiation utilizing the winter meeting period of the Major League Baseball. After returning to Japan, he will finalize the contract through a liaison network. There is a possibility that the contract could be signed between mid-December and the end of December at the earliest.

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