“It’ll be fun if it’s released.” Hwang Ui-jo, what’s your relationship with your brother-in-law? He didn’t want to be punished

During the prosecution’s investigation, his brother-in-law A denied the crime, saying that he had been hacked, but the truth was revealed through a supplementary investigation. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Women and Children’s Crime Investigation Division 1 (Chief Prosecutor Jang Hye-young) announced on the 8th that it has arrested and indicted A on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (Using cameras, etc.) and the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (Retaliation Threats, etc.).

A is suspected of posting photos and videos on social networking services (SNS) revealing his personal life by claiming to be Hwang Ui-jo’s girlfriend in June. A is also accused of sending threatening messages to Hwang Ui-jo, saying, “I will distribute (the photo)” and “It will be fun if it is released.” A is known to have served as Hwang’s manager. 경마

Hwang Ui-jo, who initially showed his willingness to take hard-line punishment, filed a non-penalty letter when he confirmed that the threat was his prison sentence and said, “I believe in innocence.” As a result, the charges of defamation and intimidation under the Information and Communication Network Act, which Hwang indicated in his initial complaint, were rejected.

While the reason why his sister-in-law threatened Hwang Ui-jo is drawing questions, the relationship between the two is also being re-examined. Hwang Ui-jo previously denied that “the alleged money dispute between brothers and sisters-in-law raised in some cases is not true.”

However, Internet users said, “It’s a concept of a family company that my sister-in-law looked at me like a manager, but I should hide my sex filming.” “Wouldn’t it be jealousy to threaten and distribute it after seeing it?” “The family is bean powder,” “It’s a situation that I don’t understand until it’s not infidelity.” “What is your sister-in-law? Did you like or hate her brother-in-law?” “I think my brother-in-law will be more shocked,” “I’m most curious about the reason for his crime,” and “He’s a crazy family.”

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