“It soared like a rocket!” Tottenham’s odds of winning the championship rise by 1.5% → 12.5% vertically

The Daily Mail, a popular British newspaper, put it this way. This is Tottenham’s chance of winning this season.

It reported the results of citing betting firm Skybet. Tottenham had a 1/66 chance of winning. It’s a pre-season chance.

Tottenham topped the league with six wins and two draws. The odds of winning the championship soared to 1/12 (12.5%). 안전놀이터

The Daily Mail said, ‘New league leader Tottenham has rocketed their chances of winning due to their unbeaten start to the season. The odds of 1/66 of the season went up to 1/12.

Manchester City is still in first place. The winning dividend is 8/11 (about 66.7%). It’s absolutely. One third (33.3%) for Arsenal. Liverpool is 1/5 (about 25%), Tottenham 1/12.

The media said, “In the match against Luton, Tottenham fought in the second half with 10 players, but eventually scored the winning goal in 10 minutes of the second half. After Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, Tottenham’s winning dividend rate was 1/66. However, he is full of confidence with his success at the beginning of the season. However, the EPL is not a sprint but a marathon. It is also interesting to see if Tottenham can maintain continuity and resilience through 38 games.

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