In the view of this suggests the government’s desire to finish the renewal process within this year

Analysts DS Kim and Livy Liu pointed out, “I was surprised at how quickly the government put out bidding regulations this time, just 14 days after the game law was enacted, despite the COVID-19 control that lasted more than a month in 2001.” The action is known as Administrative Regulation No. 28/2022.

The brokerage noted that the 2001 game public tender was held seven days after the announcement of related administrative regulations. That would put Macau on track to do the same by mid-July, starting as early as “next week.” 온라인경마

JPMorgan added that at the turn of the century, the open tender closed 42 days after the publication of general standards. If that happens, Macau could close the bidding process this time “mid-to-late August,” the brokerage suggested. In 2001, the “Tentative Winner” was announced in early February 2002, 105 days after the general standard was indicated. JP Morgan said Macau could make such an announcement “at the end of October, early November.”

At the turn of the century, the first concession agreement was signed at the end of March 2002, i.e. 153 days after the administrative regulations were issued. It suggested that the most recent process could see concession agreements signed in December this year, with a new 10-year concession likely to begin in January 2023. “We have thought that the six incumbent operators would be the next concessionary, and we still think so,” the analysts added.

The brokerage said there have been several “notable changes” since 2001 based on the broad criteria set out in administrative regulations so far. These included “planning to expand the source market to foreign countries, social responsibility that operators intend to carry out, and the level of profit that operators’ planned investments in gaming and non-game projects can bring.”

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