Imperial Quest

Many live dealer casino games these days have perfected the visual representation of sitting at a global casino table. Evolution Gaming’s Imperial Quest claims its quality. The wheel game is largely based on their previous hit Dream Catcher, which was newly created for Asian-based gambling fans (or preference for Asian aesthetics). But you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that the game material is lacking here just because the newest element is in the visual aspect! The truth is the opposite. This is the excellence of live dealer wheel games with up to RTP 96.58, up to 40x base game paydays and stackable multipliers!

as substyle as substance

Where Dreamcatcher seemed designed to look as much like an American TV game show as possible, Imperial Quest leans towards East Asian aesthetics. Instead of charcoal business suits, dealers are dressed in shiny jade suits. From the yellow footlights contrasting with the laser-like blue grid in the background, soft red lantern lights now illuminate gold and black backgrounds. It’s as if the game is set for a lantern celebration after dark. 파친코

In addition, wheel sculptures are now identified not only by numbers and colors, but also by animals such as peacocks, wolves, monkeys, pandas, and even flowing dragons. Overall, this visual approach is incredibly effective. Not only is it a completely different game, but it also feels like a different world.

Nuts and bolts

Imperial Quest is as simple as the title when it comes to how to play the game. The numbers behind the simplicity are rather subtle, but… Probably more impressive!

Gameplay is based on wheel rotation, which is a consistently favorite activity. These types of tables became hugely popular during the live dealer era, perhaps because they closely resemble classic TV game shows such as Wheel of Destiny and The Right Price. Instead of relying on cards, dice, or numbers generated by RNG to get game results, these kinds of titles rely on the rotation of physical wheels that actually move like roulette wheels. The Live Dealer sets up the device to physically start the game. When and where to stop determines the result! Players simply need to choose a stake within the full bet range of $0.10 to $1,000.00, choose the outcome to bet on, and be prepared to start acting.

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