Imana’s worst pitch while cruising…10 runs in 3 innings against the Mets, ERA 1.89 → 2.96

Shota Imanaga (Chicago Cubs), a Japanese pitcher who has been a sensation for a while since his Major League debut this season, pitched the worst pitch on the U.S. stage.

Imanaga started against the New York Mets in the 2024 Major League Baseball at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, on the 22nd (Korea time), and threw 74 pitches in three innings, sluggish with 11 hits (three home runs), one walk, three strikeouts and 10 runs.

As his team lost the game 1-11, Imana ended up losing the game for the second time this season (seven wins). The season’s ERA soared to 2.96 from just 1.89 before the game on the day.

Imana, who challenged himself to the major leagues this season, surprised many people from his first season. He had five wins and a 0.91 ERA in his ninth game since his debut.

However, he suffered back-to-back slumps against the Milwaukee Brewers (7 runs in 4 ⅓ innings) on May 30 and the Chicago White Sox (5 runs in 4 ⅓ innings) on May 5, and seemed to be on track by continuing his good pitching again in the next two games. 토토사이트 추천

Then, he threw a nightmarish pitch again at the home game on the day, lowering his head. It was the first time in his Japanese professional baseball career that Imana allowed 10 runs in a game, and his previous most runs were eight runs (five innings) against the Hanshin Tigers on April 12, 2017.

Imanaga got off to a rough start to the first inning. First batter Francisco Lindor doubled and allowed Brandon Nemo to walk. Here, J.D. Martinez hit a three-run homer over the center fence. It was a shaky start, giving up three runs before he even caught the count.

He stopped three batters after allowing three runs, but the crisis continued in the second inning as well. He hit a solo home run by leadoff hitter Francisco Alvarez, and allowed a two-run homer to Nemo with two outs and runners on the first base. He allowed six runs including three homers in two innings.

In the third inning, Imana was at the first and second bases with two outs, and allowed a run in the seventh inning due to a timely hit by Jose Iglesias. However, in the third inning, when Imana gave up just one run, it was Imana’s best throwing inning of the day.

The Cubs threw Imanaga, who had already allowed seven runs, to the mound in the fourth inning, and Imanaga made sense again. He allowed back-to-back hits to Nemo, Martinez, starting with a double by Lindor.

The Cubs bench, which was no longer tolerable, ordered a replacement of pitchers. Imana’s loss filled 10 runs as Hayden Wesneski, who took the mound after Imana, called all of Imana’s successors home.

Imanaga, who continued his perfect pitching at the beginning of the season and predicted the simultaneous award of the Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young Award, played the game he wanted to forget the most throughout his baseball life.

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