“I’m just thinking about holding out now that I’ve walked.” Ahn Se-young’s “Middle Cut” made Korea cry

Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance), who passes through the mixed zone, was unable to properly step on her right leg. Even when I came down from the podium, I had to take a careful step one by one, and I walked limping on the flatland. Such an injury did not break the obsession of “world No. 1” toward the top of Asia.

Ahn Se-young overcame a right knee injury and became the women’s singles champion at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. 온라인경마

Ahn Se-young, the world’s No. 1, won 2-1 (21-18 17-21 21-8) against Chen Yu-fei (China, world No. 3) in the women’s singles final of the tournament, which ended at Hangzhou Binjiang Gymnasium in Zhejiang Province on the 7th. It is the second time in history that a South Korean player has won the women’s singles at the Asian Games and the first time in 29 years since Bang Soo-hyun, the gold medalist at the 1994 Hiroshima Games. Ahn Se-young won two gold medals in the competition after winning the team event.

It was a stage that reaffirmed that Ahn Se-young’s era had opened. Ahn is already a top-class player in the world. Ahn Se-young, who won the World Badminton Federation (BWF) in July by winning seven times this season, including the traditional All-English Open, won her first major title in the women’s singles at the World Championships in Denmark in August. It was the first-ever gold medal won by a Korean athlete at the World Championship. And it reached the top until the Asian Games.

Ahn Se-young is relentless in her challenge. He is speeding up with his eyes on the “Grand Slam” of the Asian Games, Asian Championships, World Championships, and Olympic championships, which he announced by winning the World Championship. I’ve already fastened two buttons. “My goal is to participate in the Paris Olympics (July next year),” Ahn Se-young told reporters. “My goal has always been Grand Slam, and I will run hard to that goal.”

The power to overcome the knee injury, which was apparently uncomfortable, was also “medium, cut, and horse” toward the Grand Slam. Ahn Se-young complained of pain in her right knee at the end of the first set and used a medical timeout. Ahn Se-young, who said his knee was not good immediately after the quarterfinals, participated in the match with a thick tape. Even after the first set, there seemed to be more restrictions on movement even after being taped again. Even in such a situation, she beat Chen Yu-pei, the gold medalist in the women’s singles at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Ahn Se-young said, “My knee hurt a lot. Fortunately, it was enough to walk, he recalled the situation at the time, saying, “Even if there was the first, last, and next time for me, I held firm thinking that I would not come back this time.” “I only thought about one point without thinking about it. I just thought about keeping my head up,” he said.

Ahn Se-young’s parents, cheering in the stands, noticed her daughter’s uncomfortable movements from afar. His mother, Lee Hyun-hee, reportedly shouted “Give up” several times in the stands. Ahn Jung-hyun, a father who was cheering at the top of his voice among Chinese spectators, has been silent for a long time on the contrary to his longing heart. Ahn said, “I am a daughter who rarely shows pain in the stadium, and I felt bad to see that,” adding, “As a parent, I wanted to stop playing, but I cheered for my daughter because I knew her character who would not give up.” Ahn Se-young said, “I couldn’t hear anything from the stadium. Even if he had been told to give up, the game would have been played until the end, he said. “I focused on just one point without thinking.”

Ahn Se-young, who focused only on the game with a heavier expression than usual throughout the game, burst into tears after the gold medal was confirmed. He finally smiled while performing the “Crown Ceremony” to celebrate his victory.

“Se-young showed a really great game,” Samsung Life coach Gil Young-ah said. “As you saw, he is a great player not only in his skills but also in his determination.” “Moving Se-young, who is not so well, would have been a clear goal for the Grand Slam,” he said with pride.

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