“I’ll raise your weekly salary seven times when you come to Manchester United”… He brought up a big offer to recruit Kubo

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United is willing to increase its weekly salary by seven times to bring in Kubo Takefusa (22, Real Sociedad) in the transfer market in January next year.”

Manchester United’s performance this season is disappointing. After 17 matches in the Premier League, the team has won nine games, tied one game and lost seven games, and is ranking seventh with only 28 points.

He also humiliated himself in the European competition. Manchester United suffered humiliating defeat in the Champions League Group A as it recorded the worst record of one win, one draw and four losses in six matches.

Strikers cannot be free from criticism. Notably, the 23-year-old main right wing Anthony has been under heavy criticism as he failed to post a single offensive point despite playing in 18 games this season.

Other strikers’ situation is similar. Marcus Rashford (26) has scored only two goals, while Rasmus Hoirun (20), who joined the team this summer, has yet to score his debut goal in the league. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In the end, Manchester United turned to a new striker. According to the latest report, Manchester United is ready to pay 60 million euros (about 86 billion won) in buyout to recruit Kubo in January next year.

Kubo is well-known as Japan’s top talent. Since joining Real Madrid in 2019, he has continued to grow through leases such as Majorca, Getafe, and Villarreal.

His potential exploded with the transfer of Sociedad. Kubo scored nine goals and nine assists in 44 games at Sociedad last season, his best performance since his debut in the first division.

This season, he has demonstrated his more seasoned performance in games. He has garnered six goals and four assists in 24 games throughout all of the competitions. He has been recognized as one of the best players in the league.

Manchester United has a firm commitment to recruit Kubo. “Manchester United is willing to increase Kubo’s weekly salary seven times, which is currently 33,200 pounds (about 54.94 million won).”

It is an extraordinary offer. If Kubo accepts Manchester United’s offer, he will receive a whopping 230,000 pounds (380.066 million won) a week.

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