“I was sure it was offside.”

Cho Sung-wook was convinced that Bucheon FC’s score was offside. Seongnam FC tied Bucheon FC 2-2 in the 27th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023′ held at Tancheon Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 21st. Seongnam, which earned one point, briefly moved up to ninth place in the league. It was a game where I couldn’t let go of the tension until the end. Seongnam finished the first half ahead with Chris’ first goal in the first half, but allowed Ahn Jae-joon, who came in as a substitute at the start of the second half, to score an equalizer. At the moment when scoring was needed, none other than Cho Sung-wook was the player who played the role of a troubleshooter. In the 26th minute of the second half, Cho Sung-wook connected Park Tae-joon’s ball with a header in a corner kick situation and scored a goal that brought the team a lead again. It was Cho Sung-wook who jumped high alone among the dense players. Cho Sung-wook’s fourth goal in the league came out, but Seongnam dedicated an equalizer to Lee Eui-hyung in the extra time of the second half and finished the game in a draw.

After the match, I met Cho Sung-wook in the mixed zone. Cho Sung-wook, who gave up an equalizer in extra time in the second half, did not look bright. Cho Sung-wook said, “We had a goal, and we had to win today’s game for that goal. I tried to win, but there is a personal regret in the last loss scene. “I think it’s a little disappointing overall because the result ended in a draw,” he said, starting the interview. Cho Sung-wook then said, “I think the team took off the pressure of the opponent while building up from behind, and I think the game has been made well,” adding, “I think it would be nice if the defense focused a little more at the end of the second half.” “I think we need to supplement these areas more,” he said, reflecting on the game. 카지노사이트 순위

He also talked about the scoring scene. Cho Sung-wook scored four goals this season alone, including against Bucheon, after scoring a header in the opening game against the Ansan Greeners at home. This is the fourth-highest scoring record in Seongnam after Chris, Gabriel and Lee Jong-ho. Cho Sung-wook said, “I think I’m lucky. My teammates kicked well, so I was able to score well. I rarely score in training, but I score in games. I think it’s better,” he said with a light smile.

I also asked about the points that were canceled due to VAR. Bucheon’s Lupeta shook Seongnam’s net twice on the day, but both goals were canceled after VAR. From Seongnam’s point of view, it was a relief. Cho Sung-wook said, “I was sure that Lupeta’s score was offside. So I said that, and all the referees said it wasn’t offside. I was a little nervous when you said that. Fortunately, it was canceled, so I felt good,” he said.

Seongnam will now meet Gyeongnam FC and Gimpo FC for the rest of August. Cho Sung-wook said, “In fact, I didn’t think we were ever going to play behind Gyeongnam or Gimpo. I’m going to play to win again this time, too. However, as I said earlier, I will talk to the players with concentration on defense and supplement them further,” he said, adding how to prepare for the two games.

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