“I was promoted a year ago, but I’m more likely to win than Barca…” Girona, the man’s team, is a surprise sensation in Spain

In Spain’s Primera Liga, “Man’s Team” is booming. It is leading the league, beating candidates such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

If you look at the Primera Liga ranking table, a strange team was at the top. Girona, which has been promoted for only a year, took the top spot. It was considered only a surprise sensation that would disappear quickly at the beginning of the season, but now many recognize it as a strong favorite this season.

Currently, Girona has 14 wins, two draws and one loss (44 points). Only Real (13 wins, three draws and one loss, 42 points) is fiercely competing to win the title. Other big clubs such as Barcelona (10 wins, five draws and two losses, 35 points) and Atletico Madrid (11 wins, one draw and four losses, 34 points) are seen losing ground in the race to take the lead.

Atletico have played one less game than Girona, but even if they add three more points, there is still a gap. Girona, led by Francisco Rodriguez, has been classified as weak in the Primera Liga to an extent that even soccer fans are not familiar with it. In fact, it has been only one year since the team moved up from the second division to the first division. Girona struggled to be promoted to the first division through the playoff for promotion to the second division in the 2021-2022 season.

However, he is showing competitiveness in the first division. Last season, his first season in promotion, Girona ranked 10th (13 wins, 10 draws, 15 losses, 49 points) in the league. Had he not been swayed by two draws and three losses in the last five games of the season, he would have been able to win a ticket to the European competition. For reference, he also competed against Majorca, where Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), the “golden talent” played at the time.

It is truly beyond imagination this season. He is showing even more destructive performance. He is keeping his No. 1 ranking in the league, beating over top European championship contenders. No team has accumulated more points than Girona even though the league is about to halfway point. Girona also showed off its power in showdowns with strong teams. Girona tied with Real Sociedad, the ‘Champs’ team, since the opening game of the league. Afterwards, the team even caught Seville and Villarreal, the “dark horse.” On the 11th, even the “giant” Barcelona won 4-2. Barcelona could not overcome Girona even after sending out superstars such as Robert Lewandowski and Frankie Deyong.

As Girona continues to be a sensation, there are also predictions that a team other than the “Liga 3 leaders” can win for the first time in 20 years. Until now, it has been the stage of Real, Barcelona, and Atletico in the Primera Liga. For 20 years, these three teams have shared the championship. Valencia was the last team to win in the 2003-2004 season, rather than the “three leaders.” If Girona rises to the top, a new champion will appear for the first time in 20 years. 바카라

Betting companies also viewed Girona’s chances of winning the championship highly. According to Odds Checker, seven betting companies rated Girona as their second favorite. Regarding the Primera Liga title, it gave Girona the second lowest dividend rate after Real. The lower the dividend rate, the less money you receive, but the more likely you are to get it right. Barcelona and Atletico followed.

What’s more surprising is Girona’s aggressive color. Most underdog teams focus on defense before seeking a count attack. However, Girona is a “man’s team” that drives offense throughout the entire game. It has scored 41 points and scored the most goals among the 20 teams in the league this season. Girona was the only team that had no goal against Real Madrid (0-3) in October. With its powerful attack capabilities, Girona has had eight wins, one draw and nine undefeated matches.

There are no superstars in Girona. Only veteran Dutch defender Dalay Blint, who previously played for Manchester United (England) and Ajax (the Netherlands), is considered one of the most famous players. Instead, Ukrainian striker Artem Dovvik has emerged as the star of his team with 10 goals and four assists in 16 matches. Dovvik aims to become the top scorer by tying for second in the league in terms of scoring.

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