“I was grateful to all of you for running like that and winning the gold medal. When I was leaving the athlete’s village in the morning, he smiled brightly, saying, “I won a gold medal.”

“Badminton Empress” Ahn Se-young’s gold medal in the women’s singles at the Hangzhou Asian Games moved and rang the whole nation on weekend nights. Ahn Se-young, who played until the end and beat “natural enemy” Chen Yu-fei (China) 2-1 despite injuring his right knee during the game, won his first gold medal at the Asian Games. Ahn’s gold medal also inspired the Korean team. At a press conference on the settlement of the Asian Games held at a hotel in Hangzhou, China on the 8th, Lee Ki-heung, head of the Korean National Sports Council, Choi Yoon, general manager of the Korean team Jang Jae-geun, and the head of the Jincheon National Training Center all mentioned Ahn Se-young’s fighting spirit and gave praise and gratitude. Ahn Se-young received the Korean Olympic Committee’s “Playing Soul” award.

Among them, Jang Jae-geun, the head of the athletes’ village, who had been watching Ahn Se-young, who prepared for the Asian Games and international competitions at Jincheon National Training Center, was very impressed. A gold medalist in track and field at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, he applauded the fighting spirit of his “national junior.” Chief Jang said, “In fact, I went to the badminton scene and came back. The Chinese side blocked all VIP seats just because all of its officials were seated at the site, and it was not easy to sit in the general stands. So I kept checking the badminton scene at the hockey and soccer fields,” he said. Chief Jang, who said, “My body was on the soccer field, but my mind was on the badminton field,” also shared Ahn Se-young’s situation at the time of his injury. Chief Jang said, “It hurts in the second half of the first set. It means that he slipped a little while receiving a reception. “I played a lot of competitions this year, so I didn’t seem to be able to endure it because I was overloaded. 스포츠토토사이트

“Give up” also came from all over the stadium. But Ahn ran until the end. I’m back on my feet. Chief Jang said, “Se-young said she would run at the scene. The badminton coaching staff said, “Se-young will do it.” I said, ‘The protection of players comes first. There is also the Paris Olympics, so make a good decision.’ Even so, he said, “Se-young will do it even if she dies.” Ahn Se-young, who held her teeth despite the coach and officials’ dissuasion, drove the game to the third set and overwhelmed Chen Yu-pay. Chief Jang said, “Se-young has good physical strength. There is a reason to win. When Chen Yu-pei ran in, he didn’t attack and continued to rally. In the third set, Se-young eventually won,” he said with joy.

He took office as the head of Jincheon Athletes’ Village earlier this year and has been meticulously taking care of the faces of the national team players. Among them, Ahn Se-young was the player who caught the eye of Chief Jang. Chief Jang said, “Se-young prepared really hard. “I’m a player who practices a lot,” he said. “When I go to the weight training center at night, Se-young is a regular member who always comes out and exercises. Se-young comes to exercise four times a day: dawn, morning, afternoon, evening. I do it myself,” he said. And he said, “That’s a great thing. It’s not easy,” he added. It also meant guaranteeing the Asian Games gold medal created by Ahn Se-young’s will and persistence as the head of the athletes’ village.

Ahn Se-young, who won the gold medal with her limp legs, could have rested for a while. But he left Hangzhou early the next day and returned home. Chief Jang said, “I heard there’s an international competition right away. Even in the morning, when I greeted him that he was leaving the Asian Games athletes’ village, his legs looked sore. It probably didn’t seem easy to play for the time being,” he said. Still, Ahn Se-young joined her next schedule for her colleagues. Chief Jang said, “But Se-young is bright.” He said, “I won a gold medal!” Se-young, who played hard, was really grateful,” he said with a big smile.

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