“I Want to Be a Skier” Single Parent, Multicultural Invitational Ski Camp Completed

“I want to use the experience of ski camp and work hard to become an athlete.”These are the words of a child who participated in the “Fun Winter Camp” for single-parent and multicultural families.The Ski Camp, organized by the Ski Area Management Association of Korea (SBAK), which invited more than 130 people from 53 families, including single parents and multicultural families from Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, to Elysian Gangchon for the end of the year on September 9 and 10, concluded with a variety of programs over the course of two days. The event was organized by the SBAK to provide children with the opportunity to experience skiing, which is not easily accessible to them, as well as economic education for children who may otherwise be neglected, and a visit to Legoland to help alleviate cultural alienation and increase family closeness.The city of Chuncheon, Elysian Gangchon Resort, LEGOLAND, Nonghyup Bank Gangwon Headquarters, Children’s Safety Foundation, Leki (Germany), and other organizations supported the meaningful event.On the first day of the camp, the participants had fun on the silver slopes, experiencing skiing, which is not easy for them to do. The first time they tried skiing was awkward, but after holding the hands of the professional instructors and going down the slopes several times, their confidence grew.Some of the students couldn’t stand on their own and fell down several times, but their faces were full of smiles.A parent in her 30s who participated in the camp with her two elementary school children said, “It was good to learn skiing, which is not easy for children, and parents were very happy to spend their free time.” “I enjoyed the overnight trip, which is usually not easy, and I hope the event will be expanded in the future,” she said.

Following the skiing lesson, Nonghyup Bank Gangwon Headquarters held a children’s economics class in the afternoon, enriching the event by teaching financial knowledge at the children’s level.The opening ceremony was attended by Chuncheon Mayor Yuk Dong-han, Member of Parliament Heo Young, Chairman of the Korea Ski Resort Management Association Lim Chung-hee, and LEGOLAND President Lee Soon-kyu, who delivered congratulatory remarks and performed a variety of performances, including a children’s musical and choir, a dance team, and an acoustic guitar band.Mayor Yuk and Representative Heo expressed their hope that the children who participated in the program will have the opportunity to grow their dreams even bigger in the future, and expressed their willingness to work together with the local community to actively support the children to make their lives more exciting and enjoyable.In addition, Kangwon Special Self-Governing Province Governor Kim Jin-tae and Representative Noh Yong-ho congratulated the program via video.After staying at Elysian Gangchon, the participants enjoyed a snow sledding experience on the morning of the second day, followed by a visit to Legoland, Korea’s first global theme park.The Korea Ski Resort Management Association, a group of 12 ski resorts across the country, was established in 1998 by the Act on the Installation and Use of Sports Facilities.”As part of our social activities, we organized an event to invite single parents and multicultural families in the Chuncheon area,” said Lim Chung-hee, president of the Korea Ski Resort Management Association. “With this year’s event, we will continue to work 무료슬롯게임 with more neighbors next year and become an association that does its best to realize social good.”

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