I don’t have the club I want…”I’ll give you a free diet.” Tottenham ultimately decides to release you

English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur have decided to send Eric Dier out of the transfer market this winter without a transfer fee, according to The Athletic David Onstein.

Onstein said on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), “Tottenham is very happy to let Dyer leave this month on a free transfer to save Dyer’s salary.” “Dyer is not in their plan next summer,” he added. Tottenham have decided not to renew their contract with Dyer, whose contract expires at the end of this season, and have been pushing for a transfer.

The full transfer negotiations with Fulham were canceled due to the difference in transfer fees, and Burnley and others rejected the lease offer because the contract period was until this season. Another obstacle was that Dyer, who gave up renewing his contract with Tottenham, wanted a free transfer. In general, there is no transfer fee when transferring to FA, so players can ask for more personal conditions from the club. 온라인카지노사이트

Tottenham was planning to cash in Dyer until the winter transfer market, but when no club was looking for Dyer, they decided to send him out without a transfer fee to save his salary.

Dyer, who served as Tottenham’s main center back until last season, lost ground as Mickey van der Pen joined ahead of this season. His replacement against Chelsea in the 11th round was the first game for Dyer this season.

In the game, Christian Romero was sent off and Van der Pen was injured, giving Dyer a chance. Dyer was the only central defender in the first division when Davinson Sanchez, who played as the “third central defender” at the beginning of the season, moved to Galatasaray.

However, Dyer disappeared from the field again shortly after due to poor performance. The match against the Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 12th round was crucial. Tottenham came from behind to lose the match 1-2 in stoppage time only, allowing two goals. Jamie O’Hara, a broadcaster from Tottenham, said, “We should have sent Dyer out in the summer. Ben Davies was fine.

He did a good job, considering that he was not a center back. However, I don’t think he was Dyer. He made two mistakes. Dyer failed to stop both goals.” “I should have removed Dyer (from the team) in the summer,” he said. “No one wanted him. That’s why I came back to the team. This is the problem. The players I wanted to send back are back.”

Manager Enze Postecoglou has ruled out Dyer so thoroughly that he deployed side defenders Emerson Royal and Ben Davies as central defenders despite Dyer’s health. In other words, he revealed that he was not in his best condition and conveyed his intention to Dyer as well.

Dyer strongly wants time to play. One of the reasons is to play for England at Euro 2024. England coach Gareth Southgate said, “I have said that my team will consider starting a steady number of matches.”

Dyer left Sporting Lisbon, Portugal, in 2014 to join Tottenham. He has played for a long time as a key defender for Tottenham and played in 361 games. He played in 35 matches in the Premier League alone in the 2021-22 season and 33 matches in the last season. In an interview in 2021, Dyer also expressed his strong affection for the club by saying, “Please bury my ashes in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.”

Tottenham already sent goalkeeper Hugo Lloris to LAFC in the transfer market this winter. Lloris also transferred him without a transfer fee even though he still had a contract period. Lloris, who did not receive a transfer fee, was cleared up and one of the top-rated players in the team, giving him some room to play as a payroll. This savings was used to raise the salaries of key prospects in the team, including Destiny Udogi and Pape Sarr, and to renew contracts. It is the same effect to let Dyer go.

Tottenham is seeking to break up with Dyer for this month and at the same time recruit a new defender. Nice defender Jean-Claire Todibo and Genoa defender Radu Dragucine are on the list. Among them, Dragucine, whose Genoa is open to transfer, is considered a realistic target for recruitment rather than Nice, who is fighting for the ranking. “Tottenham has reached a personal agreement with Dragucine and is discussing a transfer fee with Genoa,” said transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano.

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