“I cried at the end.” The handwritten letter of 5 billion FA who couldn’t speak rang the ‘fatherly’ makeover

Cha Myung-seok, general manager of the LG Twins, told about the backstory of negotiations with “Four-year, 5 billion won” FA Lim Chan-kyu. After the contract ended, Lim Chan-kyu thanked him in a handwritten letter. The player who had maintained the character-like relationship in the animation “Tom and Jerry” while bickering touched Cha’s heart by writing each letter with gratitude.

While discussing the list and location of the spring camp on Tuesday, Cha came up with an episode with rookie Lim Chan-kyu. LG set up a camp in Florida in the U.S. ahead of the 2011 season, when Cha Myung-seok, a pitching coach, led rookies including Lim Chan-kyu.

Lim poured out questions to Cha during the long flight, but he didn’t know the most important thing. The last question was, “What kind of coach are you?” The two began their bad relationship like this.

Lim Chan-kyu, a rookie in the world, has grown over the past 13 years by engraving rings in his career and life, from elbow surgery and rehabilitation to father’s injury and recovery of arrest. After the 2022 season, he postponed his FA application to a year later and sought a rebound, and made a career high record by reviving in 2023. He has a card that can be put forward in the FA negotiations.

Still, he didn’t think about moving to another team. Lim said he only thought about LG all the time. He made a surprise appearance at the “Love Giving Festival,” a fan meeting event that he does not need to participate because he is a free agent, and bowed deeply to his fans. He even asked the agency not to negotiate with other teams besides LG.

In conclusion, he did not overambitious during the negotiation process. On an entertainment program that appeared after the end of the Korean Series, he said he wanted a six-year contract, but he also knew that it would be difficult to realize. On March 20, he signed a four-year FA contract with LG worth 5 billion won (approx. The total amount is 5 billion won), but the actual guaranteed amount is only 2.6 billion won (approx.

On the contract whose incentives are nearly half that of the contract, Lim Chan-kyu said, “The club said it would raise the guaranteed amount further. However, even if the guaranteed amount is lowered, I asked the club to create a structure where I can work hard and do as well as I did this year to earn (incentives). I hope it was a confident contract for the fans as well as for the club. I will take it with confidence.”

Lim Chan-kyu said after signing the contract, “To me, LG is something I have loved for 26 years. But I’m so glad that we became friends, not one-sided love. I will always do my best in a friendly way so that I don’t break up with this relationship,” vowing to become a player who develops further by expressing my affection for the team through literary expressions. “To me, LG fans used to be people I always felt sorry for, but now I want to remain happy, crying and laughing together.”

Another person didn’t forget Cha Myung-seok, an adult I met at LG Electronics. Lim was not able to speak at the time of his contract due to vocal cord nodule surgery. So he thanked him with a letter. This letter touched Cha’s heart. “When I was reading the letter, I burst into tears at the end,” Cha said. 온라인카지노사이트

Nevertheless, their relationship still seems like Tom and Jerry. “At first, they said ‘Who are you?’ but now they say ‘how much’,” Cha Myung-seok joked.

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