“I admire him for bringing up our Lee Kang-in”

“I admire him for bringing up our Lee Kang-in”

Luis Enrique praised Lee during a broadcast on streaming platform Twitch, saying that Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre has helped him develop properly. “Thanks to him, he has taught him that defense is as important as attack,” he said.

At Valencia, Lee was touted as a top prospect, but a complicated situation at the club prevented him from establishing himself. At the end of the season, he was forced to leave Valencia and join Mallorca as a free agent due to the abusive behavior of owner Peter Lim.

But in Mallorca, Lee changed. After meeting Aguirre, he was used extensively in the second and third line and his talent blossomed. In particular, under Aguirre, he completely strengthened his defense, which had been a weak point, and became one of La Liga’s top prospects.

His talent was recognized and he was linked with Atletico Madrid and Aston Villa in the summer transfer market. However, it was Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) who landed the player after an epic battle. They were looking to break up their golden squad of Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe and saw Lee as their future.

He joined PSG alongside the likes of Kolo Moani and Gonzalo Hamus, and quickly fit in with the team.

With Messi and Neymar out of the picture, he’s been moving between the second and third line to support Mbappe. He has the full trust of Enrique, who is a former midfielder himself.

In fact, in his last start at right midfield against Montpellier (5-2 win), Lee was in fine form. In the 22nd minute, 스포츠토토 he shook off his defender with a clever turn and played a precise change of direction pass to Mbappe. Mbappe then used his pace to attack on the counterattack and found the back of the net after a one-two with Kolo Moani.

Lee Kang-woo also got a taste of goal himself, as he scored a spectacular goal eight minutes into the second half with his team leading 3-2 to put Montpellier away. He played a one-two with Kolo Mouani to get past the defense before finishing with a precise left-footed curling shot.

It was Lee’s first Ligue 2 goal in nearly four months. He established himself as a new league killer, firing up the scoring machine once again against Montpellier, the same team he scored on his league debut last November. “A beautiful goal by Lee Kang-in,” Ligue 1 marveled.

After scoring, Lee ran straight into Mbappe’s arms and hugged him.

He pointed his finger at Mbappe in celebration and jumped on top of the waiting Mbappe, who pumped his fist in the air and roared. Ligue 1 shared a photo of the sprinting Lee, adding “Happy Lee” to the caption.

Ligue 1 and PSG are using Lee as the poster boy for their Asian expansion. PSG’s flagship stadium in Seoul has been hosting Korean jersey events on a regular basis. After Mbappe, Lee’s jersey is the second most sold in the league.

A big deal for the coach. Enrique mentioned Lee Kang-in during a private broadcast on Twitter in response to a fan’s question. He emphasized the “relationship between Lee and Aguirre”, referring to the match between Athletic Bilbao and Real Mallorca, which he managed in the past.

Speaking about the cup final, Enrique said: “Mallorca is a good team. Aguirre has a good team. They have a very good coach, a very good coach,” he said, adding that “Lee Kang-in used to give me a lot of praise for him.”

“I personally think that Lee Kang-in has improved a lot because of Aguirre. Under him, he learned that offense is important, but defense is also important. I am also benefiting from his development,” he smiled.

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