How to play Red Dog Game

The player on the table must draw the highest card to determine the delegate. Delegates to take action to start shuffling the deck and hand the cards to the player with the two cards facing up. If these two cards are consecutive, the hand is called a push. If the two cards are similar in value, the third card will be traded, and if the other two cards match, they will be announced as winners and receive an 11:1 payment. 바카라 If the cards are not contiguous, the lowest-value cards are placed on the left and the higher-value cards on the right. The delegate will then issue a third mystery card facing down from the center of the table. You will be given the freedom to bet on whether the value of the third card will be between the two cards unfolding in any position. For example, if the first card is 2 and the second card is 6, this interval is 3. Because there are three values in between.

When you have two cards, you have the option of making a call or uploading it. The stakes you raise will be similar to the value you paid on your bet. When the value of the mystery card falls between your spread, you will be the winner of the payment. Your spread determines the amount of payment.

· A card spread will cost you five times as much as a bet.

· Two card spreads pay four times the bet.

· A three-card spread pays twice the bet.

· More than four spreads will pay 1x the bet.

In most cases, you will find that the minimum bet allowed by most casinos is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 100 euros. You’ll have to bet on the chip you’ve been offered. After winning, you will have the option of making a gradual bet, which will require you to leave your prize money on the table for the upcoming hand. This is one of the ways you reach the maximum table bet, and the maximum allowed amount is 1,000 euros.

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