How to find the best betting strategy in basketball?

Basketball Sports Betting is a fast-growing hobby and activity. Whether it’s the NBA, EuroLeague, EuroCup, FIBA Champions League, or national championships around the world, it’s not surprising that more and more bets are being made because basketball itself is on the rise. We decided to provide a guide to betting. As the title indicates, we’ll be focusing on basketball.

Successful basketball bets go beyond likes and dislikes
Too often we see active sports fans and really savvy people who really understand basketball games and lose money because they can’t bet on teams they hate or bet on teams they love. If you want to win bets and make money, you can’t see teams with affection or too much hate because it will damage your judgment. You should be able to distinguish between relevant and unrelated factors. Your love for the team will not affect the outcome of the game. But that could be the 10,000 cheering fans in your home stadium.

Basketball is different all over the world
If you are betting on the NBA, e.g. the EuroLeague, national championships, you should not apply the same strategy per league. In the NBA, for example, the home team wins about 60-64 percent of games. In the EuroLeague, that number is higher and close to 68-72 percent. In the Lithuanian basketball league, however, the home team wins about 80 percent of games. In Europe, the influence of home spectators is greater, while in the NBA, it can be considered very small (10-14% advantage over home teams).

In addition, you should consider the similarities of upsetting situations, the effects of injuries, and travel time, two weeks or consecutive games. Don’t bet the same way in every league. 안전 토토사이트

a veteran vs. a young team
One of the key issues when looking for a winning strategy is to compare a young team with one that has a lot of veterans. When those teams meet, the outcome of a match is always an issue because both teams are poles apart with completely different pros and cons.

Young teams tend to be less stable and more unpredictable. However, the similarities between their come-from-behind wins are much higher. Veteran teams are calmer in clutch or tight competition situations. You will always prefer a veteran-led team in situations like Game 7.

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