He made “lovely” passes several times in the first half alone.”

Son Heung-min, who came into the box, wasted no time in shooting a right-footed shot, which penetrated the Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson’s side and shook the net, leading to Tottenham’s first goal. 사설 토토사이트

The joy was brief. Tottenham conceded an equalizer just three minutes after Son’s first goal. Son Heung-min, the hero of the first goal, dedicated his own goal to Manchester City this time.

In the eighth minute of the first half, Álvarez, a kicker in Manchester City’s free-kick, scored a right-footed cross into the box. The cross passed past the head of Holan, who jumped, and hit Son Heung-min’s thigh behind him and went straight into the Tottenham net. As the game ended 3-3, Son Heung-min’s performance on the day was also meaningful in that it blocked Tottenham’s record of consecutive losses.

Tottenham has not won four consecutive league titles since David Fleet was in charge in November 2004. This time, after losing to Chelsea, Wolverhampton and Aston Villa, Manchester City were on the verge of kneeling, but Dejan Kulusevski’s dramatic equalizer revived.

It was a fierce slugfest. It was a hectic game with 26 shots and a total of six goals. Tottenham struggled with Manchester City’s strong forward pressure throughout the first half, but gained momentum in the second half to win a point. Manchester City was lucky enough to hit the net twice.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min played like a “Man City killer.” Son scored seven goals and three assists in the 17 matches he met against Manchester City before the day. He added one more goal to his team, scoring eight goals against Manchester City.

Immediately after the match against Manchester City, local media in the U.K. gave Son a high score of eight points, acknowledging his stellar performance. He was the second in his team after Kulusevski with nine points. “He loves goals at the Etihad. He hit Kulusevski’s pass to his head before putting the ball under Ederson.

The media then said, “It was unfortunate that Man City’s free-kick deflected off his thigh and led to an own goal. Son then added help by passing it through Roselso in the second half. He deserved a score of nine, but he scored eight points because of his unfortunate own goal.”

The Evening Standard shared the same view. Media outlets reported, “He showed great aspiration and skill in the opening goal scene. He also maintained a good record in the match against Manchester City. He also scored an equalizer in the second half.” He gave eight points to Korean people’s Monday morning score with his attack point hat trick in the match against Newcastle, just two games later.

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