“He didn’t even go to the military because of me,” Jamsil Big Boy, who has a batting average of 200%, joins KS entry…Will the successful conclusion come true

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop reported on Lee Jae-won’s entry into the Korean Series ahead of the final showdown of the season against Doosan in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League (Game 16) at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 15th.

Lee Jae-won started as the 8th designated hitter against Doosan on the 14th and hit a home run. After one out in the eighth inning, trailing 1-2, he hit a tiebreaking home run against Doosan’s must-win group Jeong Chul-won and reported his fourth home run of the season in about five months since the game against SSG on May 24. LG home fans were thrilled by his swing worthy of his nickname “Jamsil Big Boy” for the first time in a while. 안전놀이터

Lee Jae-won left Seoul High School and received the 17th pick in the second round of the LG second round in the 2018 Rookie Draft. It took four years for him to break the eggs, as a big shot prospect. He hit .224 with 13 home runs in 85 games last year, his fifth year after winning two home runs in the Futures League.He finally achieved his first double-digit home run since his debut with 453.

Yeom Kyung-yeop, who was newly appointed in the 2023 season, felt the scent of Park Byung-ho, who fostered Lee Jae-won as the home run king during the Nexen Heroes in the past. Accordingly, Lee Jae-won, who was scheduled to join the military after the 2022 season, requested a postponement of his enlistment, and immediately began a plan to foster the fourth batter. However, contrary to expectations, Lee Jae-won failed to break the ball with a batting average of .218, four home runs, and 18 RBIs and a batting average of .373 in 56 games this season.

Nevertheless, Lee Jae-won is expected to be listed in the Korean Series entry. Coach Yeom said, “Although his home run was very late, he will enter the Korean Series entry. You didn’t even go to the army because of me…He said, “The performance was insufficient, but I will give you a chance to achieve a successful conclusion.”

The Korean Series native starters are still in the process of being concerned. Coach Yeom said, “Kim Yoon-sik can’t stand it if he has a fastball speed of 142km. If I don’t get 144km in practice, I won’t use it as a starter. Kim Yun-sik becomes an ordinary pitcher as soon as he is not arrested. Only when you have the power of four-seam can you live the rest of the game. “We will decide the starting position through practice games,” he explained.

LG will receive the 2023 regular season trophy after the game. Coach Yeom said, “It’s my first time seeing it, too. It feels new. There are many players I’ve never seen in our team before,” he said, expressing excitement.

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