Hara’s $2.1M Employee Recovery Fund Distributed

In an ongoing effort to provide support to those hardest hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Hara’s Employee Recovery Fund (HERF) recently issued $2.1 million in grants to 2,800 current and former employees of Hara’s Entertainment Inc (NYSE: HET) and its subsidiaries.

The distribution is the second decision by HERF, which previously paid $4.5 million to its 3,600 employees. Any non-managerial staff affected by the two hurricanes could apply for HERF’s financial aid, which was decided as needed. 카지노사이트 순위

“The incredible generosity shown by our employees, customers, business partners, and friends in the community has been truly inspiring,” said Gary Loveman, the president, CEO, and president of Hara Entertainment. “Their donations and efforts have helped thousands of our colleagues set off on a path to recovery. We won’t forget the kindness that so many have shown when our employees need it.”

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Hara’s foundation distributed a million dollar donation to HERF, which was later raised to $1.5 million. In the months that followed, additional donations were made by thousands of donors, capped at $2.1 million at a charity concert in February 2006 held by Celine Dion, Elton John, and Jerry Seinfeld at Caesars Palace.

The fund was just one aspect of the company’s comprehensive relief efforts for nearly 9,000 employees who worked at four properties in Hara that were shut down by the storm. The company guaranteed employees’ salaries for 90 days, provided ongoing health insurance benefits, opened employee information and recovery centers in Mississippi and Louisiana, prioritized affected employees for jobs available at the company’s other casinos across the U.S., and provided nearly $1.5 million to employees relocating to other properties.

Hara’s efforts to return to the Gulf nine months after Katrina have been going smoothly. In February, Hara’s New Orleans reopened, and this summer the company will open the first phase of its fully renovated Grand Casino Biloxi. Hara expects to announce plans to develop a destination resort in Biloxi later this summer. “We are committed to the Gulf Coast and look forward to expanding our presence in New Orleans and Biloxi in the future,” Loveman said.

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