Grab Son Heung-min’s collar and drag him more than 5m…Everton, SON. How scary it must have been

Tottenham beat Everton 2-1 in the 18th round of the Premier League against Everton in the 2023/24 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, on the 24th (Korea time), where Hissarlisson and Son Heung-min scored consecutive goals.

With three more points, Tottenham ended up in fourth place with 11 wins, three draws and four losses, and 36 points, defeating Manchester City, which had played one game less. Everton, which successfully escaped from relegation by winning four consecutive games in the league, remained in 16th place.

It was crucial for Tottenham to move into the top four and for Everton to widen their gap with the relegation zone. It was also Captain Son Heung-min who determined the outcome of the match.

On the day, Son started as the left wing of the 4-2-3-1 formation. He left the Brazilian striker Hisharlison to build a second line with Brennan Johnson and Dejan Kulusevski. 메이저 토토사이트

The first goal came in quick succession. Hissarlisong scored a finishing goal in the ninth minute of the first half to sway the net. It was his third goal in a row in the latest three league games.

Then, Son’s scoring shot went up. When Johnson’s shot was blocked and bounced off the Everton goalkeeper’s defense in the 18th minute of the first half, Son quickly pushed it with his right foot while waiting in the box. The shot was not strong, but Everton’s defense failed to respond and it was not enough for Pickford to block it. The ball went over the goal line and shook the net.

The score on the day was Son’s 11th in the Premier League this season, and Son was tied for second in scoring in the Premier League when he scored a goal. However, Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah scored a goal in the Liverpool-Argent clash, which took place immediately after the Tottenham-Everton showdown, to tie for third place for now.

Manchester City monster striker Erling Holan, who has recently been moaning due to injury, is leading the scoring with 14 goals, followed by Salah with Jerod Boyen (West Ham United) and Dominic Solanke (Bonmouth) tying for third with 11 goals.

It was also his 114th career goal in the Premier League. Son was ranked 23rd overall in goal rankings, beating Arsenal legend striker Ian Wright who also had 113 goals before the match.

Bad news hit Tottenham, who took a two-goal lead early on. Central defender Christian Romero was replaced by Eric Dier at the start of the second half due to suspected injury. Especially in the second half, as the counterattack intensified against Everton, Tottenham faced several loss crises and eventually conceded a goal.

Fortunately, they were able to secure a 2-1 victory while avoiding additional goals, and Tottenham advanced to the top four at the same time as their third consecutive league victory. Son Heung-min, who scored the winning goal, also enjoyed being named the official MVP of the Premier League Secretariat match.

However, a dizzying situation occurred during the game that could have led to a serious injury. In the 42nd minute of the second half, when Tottenham was chasing after one goal, Son Heung-min was grabbed by the collar by the opponent and dragged about 5 meters away. Everton were doing their best to equalize, and captain James Tacowski grabbed Son Heung-min by the collar, who was marking him for the corner kick defense.

While dragging his feet, he bumped into the Everton player and felt reeling from the collision. Although he barely managed to center his gravity and did not collapse, it was a dizzying scene that could have resulted in a serious injury. However, the game went on as it was, and Tacowski did not face any punishment.

This season, Son Heung-min is playing as a key striker for Tottenham. If Son Heung-min, who is tied for third in the league with 11 goals in the league, is out due to injury, it will be a huge loss for Tottenham. As Son Heung-min cannot be used from January since the Asian Cup has already been confirmed, there could have been a big problem for Tottenham, which had to make the most of Son Heung-min during Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, Son did not make much comment about the incident after the game. Rather, he apologized to Johnson for not creating a clear scoring opportunity.

Son said, “I wanted my colleague to score. I felt so hopeless. If it were Johnson, I would have scored. I hope he scores a goal quickly and joins us for the ceremony,” blaming himself for failing to pass the ball to Johnson.

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