Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Torch to “a wider world” in Inje-gun

A torch tour to pray for the success of the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games was held at Inje High School Gymnasium in Inje-gun on Tuesday.The torch was lit by javelin thrower Lee Sae-bom, Inje High Student Council President Kim Ye-dam, Vice President Shin Dong-hyun, and freshman Jeong Ye-jin.

The torch ceremony was followed by celebratory performances by the Inje Middle School dance team, which won the local youth festival Dream High Festival, as well as performances by trotting prodigy Lee Jin-young, a student at Inje High School, and rapper NSW yoon.

The event was attended by military chief Choi Sang-ki, Inje Education Support Agency Superintendent Lee Kyung-kyung, Inje High School Principal Kim Sung-soo, Inje Middle School Principal Son Yeon-jeong, and more than 250 students from Inje Middle and High School.”I hope the Youth Winter Olympics will serve as an opportunity for our youth to 온라인카지노 embrace greater ideals and go out into the wider world,” said Choi.

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