FSB Adds New Companion App to Sports Betting Products and Services Offerings

FSB’s global business sports betting and i – gaming giants have segmented the important features of their thriving retail offerings by adding new and exciting companion apps to their partner and player offerings.

This new product for FSB now allows end-user customers to assign bets placed within anonymous retail platforms via their smartphones to digital wallet apps, allowing them to dispose of old paper tickets and adjust bets through the new companion app. Bets made via Self-Service Betting Terminal (SSBT) can also be sent back to the retailer via a unique individual QR code. 파친코

New and attractive companion apps that can be offered end-to-end exclusively per operator also allow players to cash in and track their bets while accessing a comprehensive gambling history. The new app will be released to certain FSB partners next week in time for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The launch of this new companion app further accelerates FSB’s growing awareness in the retail market, matching the new and anticipated recent partnerships being formed on the channel with Olympic Entertainment Group in Central Europe and Bet Central in the UK.

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