‘Finally, it’s exploded!’ Football leader Hwang In-beom, Zvezda’s debut goal exploded, and ‘the score of 8.3 x effective shots, 3 x key passes, success rate of 92%.’

Zvezda defeated Mladost Lukani 3-1 in the 18th round of the 2023-24 season at Rajkomatic Stadium in Belgrade, Serbia, at midnight on the 10th (Korea time). With the victory, Zvezda (43 points) remained in the lead. 안전놀이터

Hwang In-beom, who conquered Elada in the Greek Super Liga as a member of Olympiacos, is taking on a new challenge. He joined Zvezda, a prestigious club in Eastern Europe, where he won the UEFA Champions League. “That’s why I came here. All players want to play in the world’s best competition,” Hwang said. “I’m ready to help my team and run like a dog.”

Hwang has been reborn as a core player of Zvezda under the supervision of Barak Bahar. He has played almost all matches in all competitions since the opening of the season. Zvezda, which Hwang In-beom is in charge of in the midfield, has taken the lead with 40 points by garnering 15 wins, one draw and two losses during the 16 league games.

In this round, he brought in Lukani home. Hwang played the ball again this time. It was a slugfest from the first half. Zvezda took the lead after Aleksandar Katai successfully scored a penalty kick (PK) that Hwang In-beom crossed in the fifth minute of the first half. Lukani hit back with an equalizer in the 10th minute of the first half. Despite one-sided flow, the balance was rarely broken. Zvezda started the second half and used three replacement cards at once.

Zvezda led the game again. This was attributed to Yovan Miyatovic, who stepped on the ground as a substitute at the 22nd minute of the second half. He scored a decisive goal towards the end of the game. It was Hwang In-beom. At the 43rd minute of the second half, he exchanged one-two passes with Miyatovic, penetrating into a dangerous area. A cannonball-like shot he attempted at the gate hit the crossbar and hit the net, before scoring a goal. Eventually, Zvezda defeated Lukani 3-1 in an important match, continuing his winning streak.

Hwang was perfect. During the full time, he displayed sharpness in both shots and connections. The main stets include 82 ball touches, 92 percent success rate of passes (63 attempts-58 successful), three key passes, one making of big chances, and two shots on goal. The Sofa Score, a soccer statistics media outlet, gave Hwang 8.3 points. After Miyatovic (8.4), who scored one goal and one assist after substituting Hwang.

Now, Zvezda is entering the UCL schedule. Although the bottom of the group is already confirmed, it will be the last match against defending champion Manchester City. Zvezda and Manchester City will face off at Rajko Mitik Stadium in the early morning of the 14th, and Hwang In-beom is also expected to start.

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