Exclusive Tribe Online Gambling May Affect Existing Casino Operators

According to supporters of the bill, federally recognized tribes will benefit from gaining exclusive rights to iGaming, which is expected to bring about a boost. In addition, supporters said that this vital revenue will be reinvested by tribes and contribute to their growth and the local economy rather than making money for businesses outside of Maine.

In contrast, opponents of the expansion of tribal gambling have raised concerns about the impact on existing casino operators. Opponents have argued that tribes may benefit from $100 million in revenue in the next few years. These missing revenues may affect current land-based casino operators who may suffer from business losses caused by job losses.

Online gambling is currently available in fewer than 10 states across the country, including New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Still, iGaming has yet to reach the popularity and expansion of legal sports betting in nearly 40 U.S. states. 파칭코

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