Escaped 2 consecutive losses + Boyfriend’s visit to Korea ‘Happy Eve’s Gift’…Elena, who I want to brag about to Kim Yeonkyung

Heungkuk Life had 14 wins and four losses with 39 points, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, the top-ranked team, was again tied with Hyundai Engineering & Construction by two points. The game sold out for the first time in this season, attracting the largest number of spectators (6,150) at home games.

Heungkuk Life Kim Yeon-koung led the team with 22 points (48.78 percent attack success rate), Yelena 22 points (47.50 percent attack success rate), and Raina 10 points. And Kim Soo-ji also had an impressive performance with seven points.

Elena, who was sluggish in the last match against Korea Expressway Corporation and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, falling below 20% in attack efficiency, but recovered to normal condition, had another gift.

Her boyfriend came to Korea and watched the game in person. Yelena’s boyfriend, who came down to the court after the game, quietly watched her girlfriend from one side of the court until the warm-up was over. 파친코

When fans signed autographs for Yelena, who was heading to the locker room, she took pictures of her cell phone. Afterwards, a smile spread on Yelena’s face when she met her boyfriend. After giving her a hot hug, she introduced her to her boyfriend, calling her past.

Kim warmly greeted Yelena’s boyfriend and headed to the locker room, saying, “Have a good time with Yelena in Korea.” Regarding her recent slump, Yelena expressed her homesickness, saying, “It’s hard because I have a lot of holidays but I’m far from home.” I hope her boyfriend’s visit to Korea will help her feel a little better. Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life Insurance will try to win consecutive games against Jeonggwanjang again on the 28th in Daejeon.

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