Enze Postecoglou gave us something a little different

Tottenham boss Enze Postecoglou has given us something a little different.

The Australian is following Euro 2024 as a pundit for ITV in the off-season. England played Slovenia to a goalless draw in their final Group C match at Euro 2024 on Saturday (June 26) at the Stadion Koln in Cologne, Germany.

After beating Serbia 1-0 in the first leg, England drew 1-1 with Denmark in the second leg. With one win and two draws (5 points), England finished the group ahead of Denmark and Slovenia (both with at least a 3-3 draw).

Denmark and Slovenia were also evenly matched on points, 안전놀이터 goals scored, winners, goals for, goals against, and fair play with fewer cautions. Denmark, who had a better Euro qualifying record, finished second in the group.

Slovenia’s main man, Benjamin Cesko (Leipzig), has been the talk of the town. Born in 2003, Cesko is a striker that Tottenham’s North London rivals Arsenal are keen on. However, he recently extended his contract with Leipzig by one year, from 2028 to 2029.

However, there is a £55.3 million buyout clause.

Cesco joined Leipzig in July last year and scored 18 goals in 42 appearances across all competitions, including 14 in the Bundesliga in his first season. At 1.95 meters, he has been touted as the next Holland.

Postecoglou was blunt in his advice for Cesco’s future: “Big clubs would have been looking at him this year. But I think it’s wiser for him to stay at Leipzig for another year,” he said. “I think he still has a lot to improve. But it’s clear that he has really good qualities for the striker position.”

However, host Mark Fugazzi laughed when he asked, “Are you saying the Tottenham manager is saying it’s a smart move for him not to go to Arsenal?” “No comment,” Postecoglou declined to answer.

The other pundits in the studio – Gary Neville, 온라인 슬롯 Ian Wright and Roy Keane – couldn’t hide their smiles. It was a special kind of smile, courtesy of the Tottenham and Arsenal “love-hate” relationship.

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