Endorphina Doubles Fun With Successive Lucky Xs

The Lucky Strike series continues, and this time it’s even stronger. Lucky Strike X retains the vintage look of Lucky Strike 1, Lucky Strike 2, and Lucky Strike 3, and also surprises players with unexpected twists.

At first glance, this online slot has the same three-reel, three-row structure and looks like a classic game, but it couldn’t be further away from it. Lucky Streak X not only has a more desirable look, but it also introduces one of the features most people want: a multiplier. This adds a whole new layer of interest to the classic fruit slot theme. 파칭코

The lucky streak X is one of the few online slots players hope to get a combination that hasn’t won on screen. This is because the multiplier increases whenever the spin does not result in a win. Initial multiplier value is 1x. The multiplier can be infinitely large, making all spins even more interesting. If the player achieves the winning combination, the current multiplier applies to the winning combination. After that, it returns to its initial value. There are also five fixed paid lines in the slot, making it easier to see unwinned combinations.

Every unwinned spin on the Lucky Streak X rewards the player with a pile of increasingly stacked gold coins behind the reel, which is incredibly satisfying to watch. Lucky Streak X brings a whole new level of immersion to the series, making the game more than a classic fruit slot.

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