Dual-mode players with the highest risk of problem gambling

The report revealed that people who bet both online and offline bet about once a week. Online-only bettors bet between two and three times a month, and offline-only gamblers bet only once a month. 스포츠토토 사이트 추천

Dual-mode gamblers spent an average of 14.88 hours per month gambling, compared with 5.3 hours and 1.47 hours for online and offline-only players, respectively.

Dual-mode players also led gambling spending, averaging $708 per month. Online-only bettors, meanwhile, put $617 per month in bets, while offline-only individuals had the lowest monthly average of $103.

The report found that dual-mode players had the highest risk of engaging in problematic gambling behavior. 50.7% of bettors who bet both online and offline showed at least one potential problem gambling indicator on a simple problem gambling screen that highlighted the existence of potential problems related to gambling.

That beat the figure for online-only monthly gamblers, 40.7%. Meanwhile, only 16.4% of offline-only players presented at least one potential problem gambling indicator. The metrics include whether to sign up for the gambling loyalty program, and the main motivation for taking a break or stress-relieving gamble.

Stenner explained that he is committed to monitoring problem gambling and highlighting the potential problems caused by the growing popularity of online gambling.

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