DraftKings Casino in New Jersey

DraftKings Casino in New Jersey announced a historic reward over the past week. Casinos have seen large sums of money being awarded to some lucky players, setting new records along the way. DraftKings said two huge jackpot payments worth millions of dollars were made last week alone, and the total number of jackpot payments made to players since the company launched the progressive jackpot suite at Garden State for $13.49 million. 경마사이트프로

It was not only the amount won last week, but also the amazing nature of such bets. An anonymous player has successfully turned a $0.10 bet on Microgaming’s Antious Fortune: Zeus into a $3.29 million jackpot in a single game offered by DraftKings Casino in New Jersey.

The player’s decision to stick to the minimum betting limit didn’t stop him from triggering a progressive jackpot and claiming the same. But the victory wasn’t just a remarkable amount of money a player earned in the week. The operator said another player had scooped $1.4 million for a dozen Western Hoshoes, betting $0.10 on them.

The announcement came at a very important time for operators. The company continues to push the iGaming vertical market in the United States, including places like New Jersey. The company is confident that it is currently the top iGaming company in the United States in terms of total gaming revenue, and plans to continue to do so.

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