“Don’t play for Manchester United if you can’t handle the pressure.”

Coach Erik ten Haach called for unity in the first half when he was beaten by Brentford. It demanded hunger and desperation at half-time, and turned the game around with a dramatic come-from-behind goal in extra time.

“Half-time, if you can’t handle the burden on the players, don’t play here,” coach Ten Haach said on the global sports media ESPN on the 8th. Our players are really experienced. They are top-notch players, so they should be held accountable. In the first half of this season, we were eaten too much by a hungrier team. This needs to go away. We need to be aware that all players are on the field every minute and every second,” he stressed.

“These are the things we did last season,” he continued. This way, we can move forward as a united team. We haven’t been adamant every game lately. I’m very angry here. This spirit must change. We had a few chances, but we repeated the same pattern. “I gave up a goal at a critical moment that was completely wrong,” he said. 스포츠토토

Manchester United beat Brentford 2-1 in the eighth round of the ‘2023-24 English Premier League’ at Old Trafford, Manchester, England on the 7th. He escaped the swamp of consecutive defeats, including the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United put a club on the one-top. Rashford, Mount and Bruno Fernandes supported firepower in the second line, while Amrabat and Casemiro ran at the waist. The four backs were Lindelöf, Evans, Maguire and Dalot, and the goalkeeper gloves were worn by Onana.

For Brentford, Mbeumo and Weesa Two-Top targeted Manchester United. In the midfield, Jensen, Nurgor and Janelt played alternately, while Rasmussen and Hickey were at wingback. The defense was Collins, Pinochet and Ayer, and the goal was guarded by Strakosha. Kim Ji-soo, who joined this summer, waited on the bench to play.

Brentford were away at Old Trafford but were a threat to Manchester United. Back-to-back side-taps embarrassed Manchester United. Manchester United’s three-line combination of Amrabat and Casemiro squeezed the gap between them and increased the tempo of their attack.

Manchester United’s defensive organization, which suffered from string injuries, was sloppy. In the end, he allowed the first run. Brentford pushed the ball into the box to induce the contest, and Jensen calmly pushed it in. Onana reached the goalkeeper, but roared through the net.

Manchester United attempted to flank Rashford. But Brentford’s defense was pretty tough. Manchester United manager Erik ten Hach used Christian Eriksen early in the second half to change the midfield combination.

Manchester United focused on a comeback goal while securing the maximum ball possession. However, a flexible pass from the waist rarely came out, and he attempted a cross-oriented attack from the side. He continued his fast tempo attack after a wide switch from left to right in the 16th minute of the second half, but his shooting accuracy fell.

Coach Ten Haach made changes by taking out Mount and Rashford and adding Antony and Garnacho. With no angle, Hoylun’s shot also hit the side net. The pass into the midfield was inaccurate, and Amrabat drove four defenders, but it was not threatening.

Brentford put Oneka and Mupay in around the 25th minute of the second half. Manchester United also prepared Mashial to give more strength to the attack. Brentford shook Manchester United through various attacking patterns, including long throw-ins.

Manchester United increased ball possession, but there was no effective hit. Brentford was guarding in two rows, so he only attempted a cross attack. McTominay was added to make a change, but it had no significant effect. He shook the net with two minutes left before the end of the regular time, but was canceled due to Masial’s offside.

McTominay equalized in extra time. McTominay concentrated in the box and managed to push it in to shake the net. McTominay turned the game around by scoring a come-from-behind goal in stoppage time. Old Trafford cheered as if they were shaking, and Manchester United took three points at home.

It was Manchester United, which has been very shaken recently. British media “Football Insider” said in an exclusive report, “According to Manchester United sources, it was the worst start in 37 years, but did not consider replacing Ten Hag. However, high-ranking officials of the club, including the Glazer family, said, “We are close to pulling the hard trigger after the defeat in the UEFA Champions League.”

The media said, “If you look at how much support coach Ten Haq received in the transfer market this summer, it is a sad performance. “I spent 179 million pounds (about 294.1 billion won) on recruiting new players and even had a say in recruiting new players,” Ten Ha-ch said.

“New striker Hoi-Lun played an encouraging role, but fans began to worry. Manchester United’s defense was poor before Galassatara. Only Casemiro struggled alone. Goalkeeper Andre Onana made another terrible mistake. Mason Mount, who joined Manchester United, has a question mark as the days go by. “Fast and fast,” he criticized.

It lost 2-3 to Galatasaray in the second leg of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League group stage at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 4th. He has not won a single victory so far, and has been pushed to the bottom of the group.

Coach Erik ten Haach has Rasmus Hoylun as one-top and Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and Hannibal Mebri in the second line. Casemiro and Mason Mount stood in the third line. Sofiane Amrabat, Viktor Lindelöf, Raphael Varane and Giogu Dalo stood at the four-back, and Andre Onana wore the goalkeeper gloves.

Hoylun scored his first goal. 16 min Rashford’s cross was pushed hard into the header. Hoyloon cheered in front of Manchester United’s home fans. Ten Ha-ch also clenched his fist. Rashford checked whether it was offside through VAR when he caught the ball, but it was recognized as a goal.

Galatasaray balanced. 23 min Wilfred Zaha’s volleyed shot into the box deflected off Dalor. Onana hurriedly blew herself away, but it was not enough to hit.

The fierce midfield battle continued. Casemiro frequently bumped into the opposing midfielders. In the 31st minute, Lucas Torreira induced a yellow card. Torreira’s foot went deep into Casemiro’s ankle. In the 34th minute, Casemiro was warned. His feet were high in the process of checking the opponent’s player who tried to header.

The luck didn’t follow. In the 44th minute, Mount’s kick seemed to be heading to the corner of the goal, but the opportunity fell through when he hit his teammate Merby’s leg. The first half ended at 1-1.

At the start of the second half, Manchester United put Christian Eriksen in place of Mebri. A decisive opportunity was lost. Rashford waited for his fellow player to penetrate in a one-on-one encounter with the goalkeeper. I saw Fernandez and tried to pass, but the intensity was weak. The following defender intercepted. Ten Ha-ch looked despondent.

United shook the net once more. In the 14th minute, Hoyloon roared after cutting the net with a left-footed shot. However, the goal was canceled as offside was declared. At the time of the final pass, Hoylun was about one step ahead of the opponent’s defense.

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