Delaware Approves Racecourse Casino Table Game

The governor of Delaware has wasted no time in signing a bill that would allow the addition of table games to the state’s three racetrack casinos.

State lawmakers approved the bill Thursday afternoon and Gov. Jack Markel added his signature that evening. 온라인경마

A spokesperson for the governor thought table games could be implemented through the summer at Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway, which currently offers only slot machines.

Following Pennsylvania’s legalization of table games earlier this month, Delaware’s approval was not good news for Atlantic City.

A game analyst told the Press of Atlantic City newspaper that Delaware and Pennsylvania could combine to lower the boardwalk’s table game revenue by as much as 15%.

But he said the drop in revenue would not be significant as the $2.5 billion Revel casino in Atlantic City is set to grand open in 2011 and the local economy is expected to rise.

“Atlantic cities are hit by Pennsylvania and Delaware because they are at the center of the supply market,” said Cory H. Morowitz, president of Morowitz Gaming Advisors.

He thought Delaware would attract table game customers in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

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