Daughter of Jeju Lim Jin-Hee 2nd Win in Hometown

I wanted to win in Jeju Island

Competition for the championship with Yumin Hwang.

 2nd win following the NH Investment & Securities Championship in May

Im Jin-hee

(25, Ankang Construction) from Jeju won the second win of the season by winning the Jeju Samdasoo Masters (total prize money of 1 billion won)

of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held in her hometown.토토

In the final 4th round of the tournament held at Black Stone Jeju (par 72, 6626 yards), Jeju City, Jeju City on the 6th, Lim Jin-hee tied 1 birdie and 3 bogeys to hit a 2-over par 74.

Although she lost two strokes on the last day, Lim Jin-hee recorded a final total of 5 under par and 283 strokes, beating 2nd place Hwang Yoo-min (20‧ Lotte)

one stroke and taking the top spot on the leaderboard.

With this, Lim Jin-hee, who lifted the championship cup at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship last May, achieved 2 wins of the season and 4 wins in her career in her hometown.

Lim Jin-hee, who took the lead by 2 strokes over 2nd place Choi Min-kyung (30‧ Zibent) until the 3rd round, competed fiercely with Hwang Yu-min on the final day.

Lim Jin-hee exposed her anxiety throughout. He recorded 1 birdie and 3 bogeys in the first 9 holes, finishing at 2 over par.

While Lim Jin-hee was sluggish, Hwang Yu-min recorded 3 birdies in a row, catching 4 birdies in the first 9 holes and taking the lead with 7 under par.

However, in the second half of the hole, Lim Jin-hee lifted the championship trophy with a calm game management.

 Lim Jin-hee could not reduce the number of strokes in the 9 holes in the second half, but recorded 9 consecutive par saves and maintained a 5 under par.

On the other hand, Hwang Yoo-min collapsed by committing one double bogey and one bogey each.

 In the end, with a total of 4 under par 284 strokes, the championship was eventually handed over to Lim Jin-hee.

After winning the championship, Lim Jin-hee said, “I wanted to win in Jeju Island, but it still feels like a dream.

My hometown is about 20 minutes away from the venue.”

Lim Jin-hee achieved his 4th career championship, but has yet to win a major tournament.

He said, “The tournament I want to win the most is the Jeju Samdasoo Masters.

If I were to pick another tournament, all tournaments are equally important, but I want to win the KB Financial Star Championship held at Blackstone Icheon.

I like the Blackstone Icheon course and have many good memories

He expressed his determination to reach the top of the KB Financial Star Championship.

Finally, Im Jin-hee said, “I want to remain with the image I have now.

I don’t think I won 4 games because I played well and brilliantly.

I want to be remembered as a player who works hard and gets paid for my efforts like now.


Choi Min-kyung, who was aiming for her first win in her professional debut, finished with a final total of 3 under par, finishing with 2 over par, tied with Lee So-young (26, Lotte) and Park Hyun-kyung (23, Korea Land Trust) for third place.

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