Civic group urges Hwang Ui-jo to leave national team

While Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City), a South Korean national soccer player, is suspected of illegally filming sex, a civic group issued a statement and demanded Hwang Ui-jo’s removal.

Sports Citizens’ Solidarity, a sports civic group, said in a statement on the 24th, “Is a soccer player suspected of illegal filming of sex eligible to play on behalf of the Republic of Korea?” and “He should be self-refined, give up his own participation or give up his national qualification.”

Referring to Hwang Ui-jo’s participation in the World Cup qualification, the Sports Citizens’ Solidarity criticized, “It is natural to disqualify the national team by raising related issues with some evidence even before guilt or disciplinary action is confirmed. Even before the controversy is resolved, measures such as suspension should have been taken.”

Jürgen Klinsmann told reporters after returning to Korea on Tuesday that Hwang Ui-jo is our player. So far, charges have not been proven or accurately released. 안전놀이터

Rather, he encouraged Hwang, saying, “He is such a good player and has a lot of things. I hope he will play a big part in the national team by scoring many goals and maintaining his best condition.”

The Korea Football Association should immediately make a public apology and deprive the national team of illegal filming and secondary perpetrators, the federation said.

Meanwhile, Hwang Ui-jo’s team Norwich City will play against Queens Park Rangers on the 26th (Korea time).

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