샤리에르 vs 최승우

After snapping a two-fight losing streak, “Sting” Seung Woo Choi, 31, will team up with “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung to attempt to win back-to-back fights. Choi will compete in a featherweight (65.8 kg) bout against Morgan Charlier (28-France) at UFC Fight Night: Bertory vs. Allen on April 7 (ET/PT) at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a three-fight losing streak in the UFC, Choi was coached by Korean mixed martial arts legend Chung Chan Sung and won his last fight against Yarno Ehrens (29-Netherlands) last August .At the time, Choi credited Chung’s training camp, Korean Zombie MMA, saying, “The strategy and training I prepared with the coaching staff suited me well.” Choi is one of the tallest and longest-armed fighters in the featherweight division, standing at 6-foot-2 and reaching 189 pounds.

After being coached by Chung Chan-sung, Choi, who had previously focused on close-range brawls without utilizing his distance advantage, has adopted a style that involves keeping his opponents at a distance and then countering with strikes .His opponent, Charlier, is 171 centimeters tall and has a reach of 175 centimeters, giving Choi an advantage. Sharier is a small but powerful athlete who specializes in bodybuilding. He has a popular bodybuilding channel on YouTube called “Never Get Fat Again” .In addition to bodybuilding, he has trained in a variety of martial arts, including boxing and judo, and in his UFC debut last September, he TKO’d Manolo Zecchini (27-Italy) with a series of body kicks.

“He’s a solid fighter, and his striking isn’t bad,” Choi said of Charlier.”I prepared with my brother (Jung) Chan-sung and coach (Ha) Dong-ho. The most important thing is to follow the strategy, trust the team, and trust myself. I will not be shaken and will work hard on that part to get to the Octagon.” “At the time, I thought, ‘I can get into the rankings,’ but now I’m not so obsessed with wins and losses, so I can focus more on my performance,” he said, explaining his change in mindset after three straight losses since 2021, when he was close to breaking into the top 15.In conclusion, Choi said, “I am who I am today because of my fans. I read every single direct message (DM) on social media from my fans and am grateful for them. I will repay them with a great fight .”The main event of UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs. Allen, featuring Seung Woo Choi, pits 슬롯게이밍 middleweight ranked No. 5 Marvin Vettori (30-Italy) against No. 7 Brendan Allen (28-U.S.).

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