Casino Scores Economic Power, Diplomatic Power

The Thunder Valley Casino may be considered a controversial place by some. However, there are compelling arguments that the Thunder Valley Casino is considered to be the most important private sector building completed in southern Placer County this year.

High among these impacts is hiring 2,200 employees at a time when local job growth is declining. On an annual salary of $40 million, workers can have a significant impact on the local economy. These workers, however, receive health and other benefits worth $6 million, and most are full-time, said Scott Garawitz, project manager at a casino owned by the United Auburn Indian community. 슬롯머신

The judges said the casino’s economic impact was the main reason for the highest honor.

“Whether you agree with the casino idea or not, it does something that has never been done before for the community,” said Robert Earle, president of Sunt Construction Northern California. “It’s a large employer, and different employment brings diversity to the economy. And it brings an enormous amount of people to the region that can benefit local retail.”

Lynn Pomeroy, another judge at the architecture firm LPA Sacramento Inc., agreed. He said the casino is a major employer and an important destination tourist destination in Southern Placer County, which is most likely to benefit nearby businesses.

More than 1,000 construction workers were hired to build the huge casino, which cost $215 million. This gives another boost to the economy.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether donations from casinos can offset the negative impact they can have on the community. But the tribe has apparently gone to great lengths to do so.

Another reason it’s so much smaller is that it’s unique. “Architecturally it’s a casino. But we don’t have that in Sacramento,” Earle pointed out.

Architect Pomeroy said the designers did a very good job of smashing the exterior surface so that the 210,000-square-foot giant wouldn’t look like a unique warehouse.

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