Casino Development: High Expectations for High-Rise Buildings

The southern coast will be more than just another local casino when it opens early next year, industry experts said Monday.

The $600 million project, which began filling 2,400 spots with a job fair Saturday, will be the first high-rise hotel-casino to be built south of the airport runway on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Boyd Gaming Co., which has a 1,350-room hotel casino, is expected to drag south from Mandalay Bay, which ends today, opening a new era for Las Vegas development, observers said.

“Location and timing are everything in the gaming industry, and South Coast is either a genius or a fool’s luck with both scores,” said a casino executive at a rival company who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said, “Development has been heading north for several years towards fashion shows, Venice, and now a new urban hub around Wynn.”

“Now it’s going to be Boomerang south where Boyd is scheduled to hit a home run,” the source said. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

University of Nevada history professor Hal Rothman says development will inevitably head south as communities grow in that direction towards Ivanpa’s planned airport.

“Of course, it will jump to the runway, which was the most attractive property in town, and to the 77 acres next to it, until MGM consolidated exclusive game ownership of the strip south of Flamingo,” he said.

“There’s no point in any development directly challenging MGM in the area. Leaping the runway allows Boyd to develop in the realm of MGM, but essentially that’s separate,” said Rothman.

Bill Thompson, a professor at the University of Nevada who specializes in game research, said the new resort will benefit Las Vegas as a destination as well.

“It’s important that there are 1,400 rooms in the South Coast, not the 200 needed,” he said. “There aren’t that many rooms in other local casinos. Boyd will be using the South Coast to bring players back to Las Vegas, and it’s not just for picking Las Vegas pockets.”

Jim Medic, CEO of MRC Group, Nevada’s largest market research firm, said Boyd Gaming would be the first casino company to make a mark south of Mandalay Bay, and others are certain to follow suit.

“With a strong customer database and growing population, the resort will set a trend for others to try to win,” he said.

The construction has already completed 60 acres of development work, and Boyd Gaming began hiring at a job fair on Saturday, which featured a fashion show previewing employee uniforms designed by Cintas.

Mike Cohen Jr., vice president and general manager of South Coast, said more than 2,500 applicants showed up for the eight-hour job fair, and 1,300 of them submitted applications to Orleans online. Others decided to apply late at home, and some filled out applications.

“When the South Coast opens up, the location will be the core of the operation,” he said.

“We’ve never had a presence in the south before, especially in the southeastern valleys. We’re lucky enough to be right in front of the I-15, which will help capture tourists. Orleans has always been successful in filling 1,900 rooms with it,” Gaughan said.

The South Coast, the next major casino project to open in the Las Vegas area, will include an 80,000-square-foot casino, seven restaurants, 16 screen movie theaters, a 64-lane bowling alley, a fitness center, a 150,000-square-foot conference space and what is known as one of the best horse riding centers in North America.

Medic said Boyd Gaming will enjoy the benefit of targeting two worlds: strip tourists and the local gaming market when it opens South Coast with resorts and convention amenities.

“The local market remains one of the most popular markets for game companies, and new home communities keep popping up almost overnight,” he said. “There are two things you can expect: a new grocery store and a new local casino.

Medique said, “The south side is a great area. Above all, the population projections for the area are staggering and developers are throwing kitchen sinks from rentals to condos, first-time homebuyers, communities with grand private doors.”

“The south coast will not only have a huge view from I-15 but will also be right at the center of this mix,” he said.

“In addition, Boyd Group is not building his grandfather’s casino.

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