Casino City picks NFL Circa Million V 2023 Pro Football Contest for Week 13

Week 13 is just around the corner, and with the Casino City team aiming for the first 5-0 week of the season, I hope you’re lucky 13. Teams have just over a month to make the playoffs, or others have to pick the top five in next year’s draft. Let’s take a look at who you think is ready to play this weekend.

Detroit – New Orleans 4.5
We know that doesn’t sound right, but later this season the Detroit Lions are one of the better teams in the NFL. Coach Dan Campbell put his team in a good spot with a two-game divisional lead.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Lions did what they usually do on holiday, which was disappointing. A 29-22 loss to the Green Bay Packers would fire Campbell and his squad to return to New Orleans this Sunday, and the Lions have an impressive 4-1 road record so far.

The Detroit offense is much better than what fans have gotten used to in recent years. Jared Goff was able to spread it throughout the field to Amon La St. Brown, Josh Reynolds, and rookie tight end Sam Laporta. 안전놀이터

And then you have a running back duo or David Montgomery and Jamir Gibbs. Montgomery has touchdowns in each of his last three games and the offensive line is making his life easy. Montgomery’s yardage per carry in the last three games is 6.7. It will be hard to stop the attack when they move the ball too well on the ground to open a strong passing game.

Atlanta – Over New York Jets 2
While he won’t be playing this week or perhaps any time soon, it was remarkable how Aaron Rodgers practiced on the field with the Jets this week despite tearing his Achilles tendon a few months ago.

Both Jacqu Wilson and Tim Boyle are struggling hard to move the offense, and since Tim Boyle scores on the field, the Jets offensive weapons are confident Rodgers will be able to stand on the field. In the last four straight losses, the Jets have not reached 14 points in a game, and in two of those losses, New York has scored just six points.

In October, the Falcons looked good with a 4-2 record, but after giving up three games in their last four games, they looked at a 5-6 record. During the hot start of the season, Atlanta scored more than 23 points in all four games.

Whether the Jets can match the Falcons score, and if there’s evidence in the last month or so, they’re not capable of doing that.

Indianapolis – 1 over Tennessee
When rookie QB Anthony Richardson was knocked out with a season-ending injury for the Colts, not many thought this team would have a chance at a playoff spot. With a current record of 6-5, Indy can win and give themselves a really good chance in the wild card spot.

The big news for the Colts this week is that Jonathan Taylor will be sidelined after thumb surgery.

Compared to Denver +3.5 Houston
More than a month ago, the Denver Broncos were playing with a 1-5 record, but now they’re absolutely rolling and heading to Houston on a five-game winning streak.

QB Russell Wilson played a huge role in protecting football, throwing only four interceptions of the season on 20 touchdown passes. The 11-year veteran will face rookie sensation CJ Stroud, which will be a lock for the offensive rookie of the year.

Stroud and Texans are questioning both Tank Dell and Dalton Schultz in a 24-21 home loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Dell returned to practice yesterday.

After forcing 16 turnovers in a five-game winning streak, the Broncos defense will throw everything they can to make Stroud uncomfortable, like they did to Patrick Mahomes when the Chiefs were limited to a season-low nine points in Denver a month ago.

Kansas City -5.5 over Green Bay
Green Bay QB Jordan Love failed to throw a touchdown pass in the final prime-time game, but threw three interceptions in Monday night’s 17-13 loss in Las Vegas. For the Packers to get a shot in this game, Love has to forget about Monday night’s football game and get ready to play.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs bounced back when they beat the Raiders at home by two touchdowns after losing at home last week.

Now Kansas City travels to the famous Lamborffield in the cold December, but the Chiefs have a 4-1 record this season. If Kansas City wins the turnovers, this game ends because they can’t take extra possession like the Chiefs.

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