‘Captain SON’ Sacrifices, Worst Slack Goals Resurrected…Three games and four goals! “Eat and run” is getting rid of the stigma

Tottenham beat Everton 2-1 in the 18th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 24th (Korea time).

Hissarlisson and Son were responsible for the first and final goals, respectively. While playing as a central striker in the early days of this season, Son has recently returned to the left wing. Manager Ange Postecoglou (58) is using Hissarlisson as a striker who has regained his sense of goal.

The manager’s drastic change was right. Hissarlisson has scored in three consecutive matches since the match against Newcastle United on the 11th. He has scored two goals against Newcastle, one against Nottingham Forest and one against Everton. As a left winger, Son remained strong. He scored one goal and one assist against Newcastle, and scored the man of the match (MOM), and scored a sharp shot against Everton to give Tottenham a win.

Both players received favorable reviews. The “foot mob” scored the first goal in the match against Everton and gave Hisharlisson a 7.2 rating, who was replaced in the 63rd minute. According to media, Hisharlisson converted one shot into a goal. The touch was 20 times. Not many chances were given, but he showed his calmness and scored the goal.

Son Heung-min even played the role of a striker and a midfielder. He is an icon of Tottenham’s sacrifice. He often came down to the midfield and sprayed the ball when Tottenham’s game was not going well. The opposing defenders’ checks were strong, but they overcame them several times to find a way to attack Tottenham. “Foot Mob” was well received, giving him 7.8 points. Son completed one of his two shootings with the winning goal.

This is an opportunity to get rid of the stigma attached to eating and running. According to local media, Hissarlisson left Everton last season for a transfer fee of 60 million pounds (99.3 billion won) and joined Tottenham Hotspur. The first season continued to be sluggish. He recorded only one goal (four assists) in 27 matches in the EPL. He scored two goals in the UEFA Champions League. He even recorded that in one match. 바카라

Rumors have been circulating that HISCHARLISON will transfer to HISCHARLISON. Several teams, including the Saudi Arabian League and the EPL, were mentioned. Postecoglou consistently gave trust to HISCHARLISON. According to the Daily Mail in the U.K., HISCHARLISON has recently recovered from surgery and is playing.

He has been scoring since the match against Newcastle. Hissarlisson converted Son’s left cross into his left foot in the 38th minute of the first half and slotted it in. In the second half, the opposing goalkeeper narrowed the gap to the left, exquisitely laying it down. It was his first multi-goal in the EPL since moving to Tottenham. At the time, Tottenham won 4-1 by a large margin.

He also scored the first goal in the match against Nottingham. In a rather frustrating atmosphere, it was time for him to add time in the first half, and Hissarlisson headed in Dejan Klusevski’s (23) cross. He could have scored in the second half, but his teammate’s exit was painful. Postecoglou replaced Hissarlisson with central midfielder Pierre-Emile Hoibier (28) in the 27th minute of the second half when Yves Vishima (26) was out due to injury. Tottenham ended up winning 2-0.

In the ninth minute of the match against Everton, Hicharlisson scored a goal against his former team. Hicharlisson scored with his right foot a cross off Brennan Johnson (22) with his right foot. He also displayed respect to his former team. He raised his hands high and refrained from performing the ceremony. Nine minutes later, Son scored an additional goal. He hit the opponent team’s goalkeeper and finished the game with a right footed shot.

Hisharlisson, who only scored one goal last season, scored his fifth goal. Tottenham won all four games in which Hisharlisson scored. It remains to be seen whether the winning fairy will continue to play well.

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