Boss urges Swedish government to stop blocking online casinos

Sweden’s iGaming Trade Association (BOS) recently issued a letter asking the government to lift temporary restrictions on virtual casinos early, including the abolition of the SEK5000 deposit limit per week. The BOS request came after the government declared it would lift all COVID-19-related restrictions from Sept. 29.

The trade body argues that all pandemic-related restrictions in the iGaming sector should also be lifted at the end of September, rather than November 14, as previously announced in local casino news. 안전놀이터 추천

The mandatory SEK5K deposit limit and time and bonus incentive limits for casino sites have been extended several times since they took effect in July 2020. In a letter from the BOS, Association Secretary General Gustav Hofstedt highlights the lack of evidence for the state’s concern that increasing Swedish spending time at home will increase the proportion of problem gamblers. Hofstedt urges the government to end the restrictions on Sept. 29 as this has been a major argument for imposing restrictions on competing games in online casinos. The telecommuting recommendation will be lifted on such a date.

The secretary-general also added that authorities have authorized the opening of the offline casino Cosmorot on July 7. Moreover, casino venues did not face the same limitations as virtual gambling platforms.

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