Baseball, which was excluded from the 2024 Paris Olympics, is expected to return to the 2024 Los Angeles Olympics.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) website, the IOC approved five new events as official events, including baseball and softball, proposed by the LA Olympic Organizing Committee at an executive committee meeting in Mumbai, India, on the 13th.

IOC President Thomas Bach explained the reason for this decision, “It is related to the sports culture of the United States,” adding, “It is to show the iconic sports of the United States to the world.”

The official event of the LA Olympics will be decided at the IOC General Assembly from the 15th to the 17th. However, the general meeting is expected to be passed without any problems as the approval of the executive committee, the highest decision-making body of the IOC, has fallen.

Baseball, which went through the 1984 Los Angeles Games and 1988 Seoul Games, became an official Olympic event at the 1992 Barcelona Games. He was expelled after the 2008 Beijing Games, but joined the official event at the 2020 Tokyo Games on the recommendation of the organizing committee. It was then excluded from the 2024 Paris Games, but it is expected to be seen again at the 2028 LA Games because the approval of the IOC Executive has fallen.

In particular, it is not clear yet, but there is a possibility that a large number of stars playing in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) will participate in the 2028 LA tournament. 스포츠토토

Evan Drelich, a major league reporter for the U.S. media The Athletic, announced on his SNS on the 14th that MLB labor and management conveyed their support for reintroducing baseball to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. This can be interpreted in many ways because the labor and management of the Major League have banned big league players from participating in the Olympics.

The return of baseball is also a boon for Korean baseball, which has enjoyed plenty of past Olympic games. Korean baseball, which won the bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Games for the first time, won all nine games at the 2008 Beijing Games. He stayed in fourth place at the 2020 Tokyo Games, the previous tournament, and if major league stars participate, the chances of winning medals will be lowered, but he will have a good opportunity to increase his international competitiveness.

In addition, cricket, lacrosse, flag football, and squash are also on the verge of being adopted as official events in the 2028 tournament. If carried out without a hitch, cricket will return to the Olympic stage for the first time in 128 years since the 1900 Paris Games. Lacrosse could make its third appearance since the 1904 St Louis Championship and the 1908 London Games, with flag football and squash making their debuts.

Meanwhile, the IOC Executive Committee also proposed the adoption of modern pentathlon and weightlifting as official events. Earlier, modern pentathlon had a horse abuse incident during the 2020 Tokyo Games, and weightlifting’s position was jeopardized due to continuous doping problems.

In response, the modern pentathlon attempted to change horseback riding into an obstacle race. Weightlifting has also decided to delegate anti-doping management to the International Testing Organization (ITA) by the end of 2028, allowing it to survive the Olympics. However, boxing was excluded from the discussion of adopting an official event again this time because the International Boxing Association (IBA) did not meet the standards in terms of financial transparency.

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