“A team other than Doosan? No, I would have gone if I were young…” The 38-year-old spiritual landlord’s heart is ‘beautiful twilight’ after the FA contract ended

Doosan Bears veteran shortstop Kim Jae-ho (38) showed his honest feelings. On the 15th, KBS N Sports commentator Kim Tae-kyun appeared on YouTube channel Kim Tae-kyun (TK52) and said as above when asked if he would like to go to another club and extend his active career.

Kim Jae-ho said, “Other team is NO. If I were young, I would have gone. I think it’s right to clean up Doosan here.” The three-year, 2.5 billion won FA contract has ended, and there is one year left before full-time to become an FA again. Kim secretly told Kim Tae-kyun the conditions he wanted.

Kim, however, seemed surprised because he was nothing special. “I haven’t said such a thing (contract) yet. I don’t have that much greed. I don’t have that much ambition…” Kim said. At the age of 38, he has reached the twilight of his career. Now, rather than moving to another club, he seems to want to finish his career well at Doosan.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who took the helm this season, basically did not guarantee Kim Jae-ho the starting shortstop. He wanted to give full opportunity to the young center fielder, including Ahn Jae-seok. He attempted a natural generational change. However, while no one stood out to the spot, Kim, who sweated since the Sydney spring camp, managed to secure his position with his skills.

Kim Jae-ho had a batting average of 0.283 with three homers, 29 RBIs, 32 runs scored, and four steals in the OPS 0.748 batting average of 0.303 in 91 games this season. He had a batting average of 0.209 and 0.215 from 2021 to 2022. This contributed to Doosan’s return to the postseason for the first time in two years. 파워볼실시간

If you are a player as good as Kim Jae-ho, you can decide your own future. Doosan is also known to believe that Kim Jae-ho is still worth it. Since there is enough time until next year’s spring camp, the environment for Kim Jae-ho to spend his active twilight years well seems to have been created.

“We had a new manager here, so we had to show him,” Kim said. “It’s a relief that it helped me even a little bit. I won three times (2015-2016, 2018), and my goal was to play only autumn baseball this year. I’m satisfied with it, but it’s a shame.”

It was not his sense of accomplishment but his younger teammates finished the postseason with just one game of experience. Doosan ended the season by losing its first wild card game against the NC Dinos after ranking fifth this year in the regular season. Kim Jae-ho knows all the effects of young players’ postseason experiences.

Kim Jae-ho said, “I went to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years and failed once, but now I’m in the new generation. Generations that haven’t experienced postseason experience. So, these guys have a little more experience, and it’s a big help to them. That’s a bummer. If I had one more game, I’d like to give them…”

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