A large dog in the NBA court seat… Turns out it’s an annual income of 1.9 billion won ‘rich dog’

Although it varies depending on the match, the front row of the court basically costs a few million won to sit in the game between most popular teams. However, in the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks on the 19th, a large dog suddenly sat down and attracted the attention of fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers and New York are popular teams representing the NBA, and tickets for the front row on the first floor of the stands cost more than 10 million won (approx. USA Today, a U.S. newspaper, published an article about the giant dog on Tuesday.

The dog, named Brody, was born to a golden retriever and a poodle, and USA Today said, “Brody’s income this year is $1.5 million (W1.9 billion), which is more expensive than the NBA’s minimum annual salary of $1.1 million for the 2023-2024 season. Brody, who is four years old this year, has 15 million social media followers.

“We watched the Miami Marlins game and the NBA’s Miami Heat game last season, and the NHL Florida Panthers game is scheduled in the future,” said Cliff Brush Jr., Brodie’s owner.

Brush Jr., who is 33 years old this year, worked as a budget official in a Florida city in 2021 and became a professional creator when various videos of Brody became a hit.

USA Today said, “Brush Jr., whose annual income was around $70,000 when he was a budget expert, is now earning $1.5 million a year,” and bragged that Brush was “the best decision of my life.” 파친코

They earn about $400,000 a year through social media and earn $1.1 million through various brand partnerships.

Court-side tickets for the game were provided by CJ Group’s BBGO, LA Lakers uniform sponsor, and after the game, “Team Brody” went on vacation to Toronto, Canada.

“They are staying at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto,” USA Today said. “Hilton is also their brand partner.”

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