A disappointed ‘Root’, “If only I hadn’t died on the dragon’s side…”

LOUD’s ‘Root’ Moon-gum-soo expresses his disappointment after falling to PSG Talon in the loser’s bracket.

LOUD lost 0-2 to PSG Talon in the winner’s bracket of Group A of the 2023 LoL World Championship Play-In Stage at the Grand Seoul Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. After showing a good flow until the middle of the first set, Raiders lost the first set in a close game. In the second set, he was overwhelmed by his opponent’s strength from the very beginning of the lineup and was sent to the loser’s bracket. In a post-match interview, Moon said, “I’m very disappointed. From the picks to the play, I’m really disappointed,” he said.

That’s because, as we’ve already mentioned, Laud’s performance in Game 1 was more than enough. He rattled PSG with his trademark aggression and even took the lead at one point in the game, only to lose a dragon zone hantar and allow them to come back. Moon, who was playing Sibir at the time, reflected on the battle that ended in his dismissal: “I’m really disappointed. If I hadn’t died on the Dragon side and kept rolling the snowball, I think I could have won,” he said.

As a team from a non-major region, Raiders are coming into this tournament as underdogs. However, their first game against GAM Esports was a big win, so they had a lot to look forward to against PSG. However, they were unable to pull off the same victory against PSG as they did against GAM.

Moon Gum-soo said, “I think our opponent was well prepared from the ban-pick. “In fact, I thought we were able to win the match against GAM Esports, but I wasn’t sure about the victory this time,” he explained.

Loud loses to PSG, but the tournament is far from over. Down in the loser’s bracket, they’ll play the winner of their match against either Movistar R7 or GAM for a ticket to the final four. “Our next game is against either R7 or GAM, but I think we’re good enough to 메이저사이트 beat them,” Moon said, adding, “I think we’re better off now in terms of the bracket we’ll be drawn in if we win and our chances of advancing.”

Finally, he vowed to win the remaining matches. “We were very disappointed in this game, but I think we can win if we fix a few things, including fixing the bans,” Moon Gum-soo said, “So I will prepare well for the next game and the next game and try to win.” He concluded the interview by saying, “I think we can win.

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