There was a pleasant prank at the awards ceremony after the third round of the “Daebo Housdy Open” which was held at Seowon Valley CC in Paju, Gyeonggi-do on the 10th. The main characters are Park Min-ji and Lim Hee-jung. Both players played in the same group in the first and second rounds. He attended the awards ceremony held after the game. In the hot weather, Lim Hee-jung appeared with a fan. She fanned her sister Park Min-ji, who was sitting next to her, for a long time. Then, Park Min-ji said, “I will do it for you,” and asked for Lim Hee-jung’s debt, but Lim Hee-jung continued to fan her sister Park Min-ji.

Park Min-ji, who had a desire to win, had a little physical fight to take away Lim Hee-jung’s debt. Lim Hee-jung also struggled not to lose the debt. It was a pleasant prank between the two players. Lim Hee-jung, who handed over the fan to Park Min-ji, had a good time for the two players, taking the time to pose for the cool fanning of her two-year-old sister Park Min-ji. In the first round, Park Min-ji said to Lim Hee-jung, “He is two years younger than me, but he is a good partner. “I hope it goes well for me and Hee-jung,” he said. 스포츠토토

Lim Hee-jung finished tied for fifth at 13-under, while Park Min-ji tied for 10th at 10-under. Meanwhile, Song Ga-eun won two career wins with a wire-to-wire victory with a total of 18-under 198. After winning the Hana Financial Championship in October 2021, he won two games in nine months. Oh Ji-hyun came in second with 15-under 201, Yoo Hae-ran and Kwak Bo-mi tied for third with 14-under 202, Park Ji-young, Lim Hee-jung and Sung Yoo-jin tied for fifth with 13-under 203, Kang Dana 2 and Kim Soo-ji tied for eighth with 12-under 204, Lee Soo-jin 3, Hong Jung-min 2, Lee So-young, Park Min-ji, and Choi Min-kyung tied for 10th with 11-under 205.

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