2023 Asian Baseball Championship Hits Off, Forewarns Performance For 2024 Season

Kim has emerged as a “secret weapon” that will help LG’s catchers in the 2024 season. Kim Ki-yeon, who served as a backup catcher for LG’s first division in the 2023 season, was drafted by the Doosan Bears in the second draft. Kim had a great opportunity to compete for backup catcher with veteran catcher Heo Do-hwan.

Against this backdrop, Kim Sung-woo played at the 2023 Asian Baseball Championship and showed improvement in his batting ability, which he lacked. After hitting multi-hit in the opening game against Taiwan, Kim recorded a batting average of 0.400 (6 hits in 15 times at bat) and an OPS of 0.867 during the tournament. His swing with contact in mind paid off, signaling his performance in the 2024 season. 온라인경마

“I liked the Taiwanese starting pitcher’s performance. I thought if I aimed for both my fastball and breaking ball, I would not be able to hit it,” Kim Seong-woo said. “I was simply aiming for my fastball, but it worked,” adding, “I felt a sense of hitting continuously (after the multi-hit game against Taiwan),” revealing the secret to his hard hitting.

“It was not clear what kind of direction I should take to bat (for this season). After finishing training camp and holding this year’s championship, I have decided what kind of direction I should take,” he said. “I have been full swing. I thought this would be my strength. However, as the season passed, I changed my mind. As I am not a home run hitter, I decided to focus on contact. I think the result came out this time.”

In order to build the LG dynasty that dreams of winning again in the 2024 season, the team must cope with the Peach Clock era. Against this backdrop, Kim’s value is growing as he recorded 63.6 percent in the 2023 season. Attention is focusing on whether Kim will be able to play in the 2024 season as the spearhead of the prelude to the LG dynasty.

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